Othius the Fourth, more commonly known as the Blighted King, is the ruler of the Blighted Kingdom, thus making him the ruler of the human population in Rhir.

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As the ruler of the last surviving human nation in Rhir, Othius the Fourth continues a thousands of years long war against monster tribes and demons. While other nations send their own armies to support him, his people have never known peace and the war is slowly and steadily being lost.

This led him to attempt building a Fifth Wall, in order to expand his lands and constrict the access the demons and monsters had. For this he had his mages conduct a ritual to summon legendary heroes from another time. However, the America Group arrived instead.

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He is noted to be one of the people who could overwhelm Flos' Kingdom in its current weakened stage.

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  • [King] Lv. ? (around 60-70)[1]

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  • (To Americans) “So. The heroes of prophecy return. Diminished.”
  • (To Emily, Richard) “We have been told that two of your number have reached Level 30. A commendable achievement in such a short time.”
  • (To Americans) “But so many have been lost. We sent over sixty of you to do battle against the Demons. Now less than a third remain.”
  • (To Americans) “One has reached Level 30 in three months. A [Knight] he stands, sworn against darkness. Yet no [Lord] or [Lady] has given him a title. Another, a [Mage] of water has taught herself. Miraculous feats, as our lady says.”
  • (To Americans) “You will have a place in our halls, and your companions food and my protection so long as you hold back the scourge of darkness. But we have heard of one more. A champion who defended our people. A warrior who slew a Demon raiding party single-handed.”
  • (To Tom) “Perform, [Clown]. Show the court the tricks of your profession. Make us laugh.”

References Edit

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