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Paeth's Tree by the Coast, or just Paeth, is a First Founding Fraerling City.


Paeth used to be located in the forest, near to the sea. There were mining colonies that harvested metal and places that monitored wild Sage's Grass.[1]

It is now located in the center of Talenqual, where the tower of the Featherfolk Brigade used to be.[2]


Paeth is a First Founding descendent settlement, founded in the early days of Fraerling civilisation and in possession of blueprints left by the Gnomes and a Last Box.[3] Paeth had to be re-founded, as the old settlement had been destroyed twice in the past.[4] While not classified as a paradise due to the risks it must contend with, it is above a standard city in terms of quality of life. Most citizens of Paeth have never left the Tree.[1]

The people of Paeth have access to advanced magic and alchemy, and is a part of their way of life. Enchantments are used for cooling, cleaning, toys, and almost every part of Paeth's society. They wear trendy outfits and style their hair in outrageous ways. They can cure conditions like baldness or cancer easily. They can even polymorph if they wish.

Paeth's vurel is used to give everyone access to a citywide [Speed] spell for one minute per day. When Luan arrived, Paeth had been over its Allotement for the past three months, to the annoyance of the Tallguard. Paeth is one of the cities that produces Signim for the Tallguard.[1]

Security within Paeth wield Paratons, batons enchanted with a paralysis spell.


Paeth is ruled by six officials called Architects of the Great Plan, or Architects of the Great Project. They each have their own titles and authority over certain aspects of the city.

The Citivican manages most of Paeth, like the wellbeing of the citizens, the condition of roads, and employing the many officials of the law except the Tallguard. The Alchimeer manages the [Alchemists]. The Enchanter is the lead enchanter. The Judiciary manages law and order. The Farspeaker speaks for threats and is the nominal superior of the Tallguard. The Guidance, unlike the other five, is elected by the people and represents their concerns.

Known Architects:[]

  • Citivican - Loust
  • Alchimeer - Straesta
  • Enchanter - Ilekrome
  • Farspeaker - Humalepre
  • Guidance - Heish
  • Judiciary - Honst

Military Strength[]

Outside of the Tallguard, who protect any Fraerling settlements in their area but do not swear allegiance to any specific city, Paeth has 100 Crealerbreakers, also called Crelerbane forces, who are fully armoured in adamantium. Something smaller settlements who are not First Founding do not have. The armors have internal potions built-in. However, Signim does not work with their armor.[4]


The whole city is contained within a giant hollowed-out tree, of a breed of Redwood.[1] Under the illusion enchantment, the top branches are made of glass. The 'leaves' are actually observation ports. It uses natural magic, preserving the flow of power of the tree when they replaced part of it.[5]

It's bigger on the inside thanks to dimensional magic. The entrance has multiple defensive checkpoints. The streets are made of wood, ceramic tiles, or metal. Fraerling-sized skyscrapers are built into the heart of the tree. Most of the lighting within is artificial.[1]

The city is technologically advanced, supported by magic. Travel within is facilitated by gas-powered elevators they call galifts. Specifically, it uses an alchemical compound similar to helium, but with more lift. For communication, they use longcalls, metal tubes they speak into that are enchanted to carry the voice perfectly.[1]

For defense, Paeth can fire spells from its glass branches. The city's defensive spells can kill an Adult Creler. It can activate a network of enchantments to empower people just outside.[5]