Pallass by Jason Y

Pallass by Jason Yao

Pallass, also known as the City of Inventions, is one of the six Walled Cities located in Izril.

Background Edit

The people of Pallass say that their walls are 300 feet high, but that's only because they reach that exact number at the lowest spots.[1]

Geography Edit

With a distance of roughly three hundred and eighty miles, Pallass is the closest Walled City to Liscor,[2] thereby the most northern of the Walled Cities.[3]

Layout Edit

Buildings: Edit

  • Blacksmith’s Quarter
  • Watch’s Barracks
  • Wyvern Steakhouse
  • Tails and Scales
  • Cunning Crafts

Government Edit

Pallass is ruled by a democratic Council, called the Assembly of Crafts, who vote on issues. It's members consist of numerous representatives from all of the major Guilds.[1]

Known Members: Edit

Military Edit

Economy Edit

The economy of Pallass is diversified and on the cusp of industrialization. It's exports of manufactured metals, notably steel, and alchemical concoctions are known throughout the drake lands. Considering the necessity of these goods for warfare and defense, Pallass's ability to threaten other cities supply is considerable leverage in negotiations such as when they almost force Liscor to hand over Erin's magical door.

Pallass also has a booming market, with thousands of gold pieces going through it each day. It also has the [Sinew Mage] Grimalkin, at least lv 40, who helps to regularly train mages in the city. As the city of Invention, Pallass is also known for its [Engineers] and goods they can produce such as siege weaponry.

Pallass has two capable [Geomancers], who are usually booked out.[4]

Notable Known Inhabitants Edit

Drakes: Edit

Gnolls: Edit

Dullahans Edit

Dwarves Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Some people who lived in Pallass their entire lives, won’t look over the edge of the walls. Not even those who were born their, will do so.[1]
  • South of Pallass is a dungeon located. However, it's been cleared out decades ago.[7]
  • Pallass sent, aside from a few Silver and Bronze ranks, four of their Gold rank teams to Liscor to assist them in their fight against the Raskghar.[8] Those four were two thirds of all of their Gold rank teams. Furthermore, the city has a Named Adventurer, though unlike the lower ranked groups, Pallass can't compel him to fight.[9]

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