Paranfer is the capital city of the Blighted Kingdom.

Overview Edit

Paranfer is either a city on the northwest coast of Rhir, or located on a river flowing to the northwest. The city lies behind the First Wall of Rhir, which has never been crossed by Demons - aside from those that are taken prisoners.[1]

Apearance Edit

Even in the capital city that has not ever been under siege in thousands of years, the watchtowers on the walls are manned. There are six walls protecting the city, with a seventh Wall currently being erected to protect the outskirts.

With each new wall, a new layer of housing is added to the ones beneath. The foundations of each building are either hundreds of feet deep, or enchanted. Below the streets and gutters, there are sewers, which are still inhabitated by people who are affected by the magical pollution that flows down.

The sprawling city has a very interesting architecture made of wood and stone, with buildings that reach up like small skyscrapers. Between these building, there are sky bridges, aerial walkways and ramparts, with layers of houses, shops and more packed into place. Some of these bridges are large enough for horses to ride across, and for wagons to roll through. Going up six stories enables people to walk below the roofs that protect from the corrupted rain.[1]

History Edit

Paranfer was either founded or resettled 5000 years in the past, when the civilizations of Innworld returned to Rhir during the Creler Wars.[2]

References Edit

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