Parasol Stroll is a mercenary group of Human [Mages]. They belong to Flos' vassals.


Parasol Stroll is a band of robed Human [Mages], with each one holding a parasol. Parasol Stroll is iconic for the enchanted parasols that each of their [Mage] carries, and which also gave them their name. While these items are officially a fashion statement that also offers protection from Chandrar’s hot sun,[1] these lightweight parasols can also deflect arrows and cast spells,[2] as there are wands built into the handles. In fights, Parasol Stroll are spinning/twirling their parasols which apparently both provides more protection and increases their magical power:

They were once a company vassal under Flos. After he entered his 'slumber', they left and became a mercenary company.[1]

Chronology Edit

During the middle of winter, Parasol Stroll travelled to Reim together with the Serpent Hunters, to rejoin Flos once more.[1] They stayed with him afterward, becoming the de-facto Mage's Guild of Reim, and then a force in Flos' campaign against Belchan and Jecrass.

Strength Edit

The group consists of powerful mages, with each mage in the band with a parasol enchanted in some way and each one of them above Level 20 at the very least.[1] As [Mages], they are both good at defensive and offensive spells as well as [Illusions][3], while [Enchantments] are not their forte.[4]

Members Edit

They were at least five mages of them at Reim's court in Volume 6,[4] but in Volume 7 they appear to actually be a larger squad of [Mages], winning a battle despite six of them being killed.[5]

Known Members Edit

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