Pattin is an Izrilian Noble from the small city of Vaunt.

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Personality Edit

He is considered an intelligent young man and [Lady] Rie expects him to make his lands prosper once he replaces his father.

Background Edit

Pattin is the heir to the holdings of the town of Vaunt and the surrounding villages. His family is not very wealthy and among his peers he is ranked rather low.

He is well educated and knew about the local history of the area around Riverfarm, unlike his peers. He also has good riding skills.[1] He has heard of war machinery, before meeting Laken, and he can at least sense the presence of magic.[2]

Chronology Edit

He participated in the reception that [Emperor] Laken of the Unseen Empire held in Riverfarm in the spring after his arrival.[3]

Laken took interest in him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

While it is not entirely sure if [Lordling] truly exists as a class, Pattin is referenced that way. He is also called Lord Pattin, but without brackets, which might indicate he is not yet an actual [Lord].

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • Lord / [Lordling] Lv. ?

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Quotes Edit

  • (To his peers) “[history lesson] That was why Riverfarm and the surrounding areas are so poor—”
  • (To his peers) “They appear to be very similar to the ones described defending the Walled Cities. But from what I understand, the design is easy to replicate.”

References Edit

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