Pebblesnatch is a Goblin child and a member of the Cave Goblins that used to live in Liscor's Dungeon.

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Forager Cook] Lv. 10[1]
    • Derived from [Cook] at Lv. 10
  • [Hider] Lv. ? (Below 10)[1]

Class Consolidated (Removed): Edit

Skills: Edit

  • [Ingredients Sense (Minor)]
  • [Natural Oils]
  • [One More Portion]
  • [Quick Boiling]

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  • Her name was revealed in Ch 5.36.

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  • (To Raidpear) You want to go back to eating your raw, bland food?
  • (To Raidpear) Can you even go back? You uncultured fool!

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