Pegasi are a near-extinct species of magical winged horses.

Overview Edit

Even many Drakes believe the Pegasi to be extinct. There is at least one herd still dwelling and bred in Oteslia, where the Drakes are trying to bring their numbers back up. Oldblood Drakes from the Winged Riders, the special unit from Oteslia may ride Pegasi; most other Drakes wouldn't attempt that feat without items of [Featherfall].[1]

The kingdom of Jecrass on Chandrar also breeds Pegasi, but few enough that [King] Raelt can get away with the obvious lie to not have any.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Lady Magnolia has a summoned guardian of her mansion that looks like a Pegasus.[3]
  • Pegasi as legendary or extinct creatures were also mentioned in Chapter 4.38 B and Chapter 5.56 G

References Edit

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