Pellmia is one of Tyrion's Lords.

Appearance Edit

He has a mustache and broad shoulders. He looks like a young man, despite being close to 60 years old.[1]

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Lord] Lv. ?

Skills: Edit

  • [Far Riders]
  • [Second Wind]

Trivia Edit

  • He has a son whose level in the [Lord] Class is below 20, which is less than his were when he was at his son's age,[1] though he appears to have reached the 20th level during his fight against Rags' tribe.[2]
  • His age was mentioned in 5.47 G.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Tyrion) “Nonsense. We cannot allow these lesser creatures to insult us.”
  • (To Tyrion) “Dead gods, Veltras! All this to save a single Goblin? Did you mean what you said about an hour’s head start? By Dragons, why would you do that?”
  • (To Tyrion) “Aye, I won’t forget. It’ll be harder keeping most of them alive. Well, a few hundred won’t matter, will it? Not for the bet. I’ll have to leave my son behind, though. He’s too hotheaded to avoid trying to kill the Goblins, never mind orders!”
  • (To Kilmet) “He can do that without risking his neck. Or going behind my back! I have to maintain discipline. I can’t do that if my flesh and blood is defying my orders!”
  • (To Kilmet) “Not as bad as that burn you got from the Corusdeer, eh, Kilmet? Now I know what it’s like.”
  • (To Kilmet) “Have my son find another horse. He’ll ride with the vanguard tonight. Under your authority.
  • (To Kilmet) “And if he gainsays you in any way, spank him as you would your own boy. I have a job to do.”

References Edit

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