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Lord Pellmia Quellae, of House Quellae, is a [Lord of Orchards], a twice-married man, with a son and daughter from his first marriage, is respected by his people, and a friend and supporter of House Veltras.


He has a mustache and broad shoulders. He looks like a young man, despite being close to 60 years old.[1]




Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Lord of Love and Wine] Lv. ? (20+)[2]
    • Class consolidation: [Lord of Orchards] + [Matchmaker]


  • [Avert Disaster (Verbal)]
  • [Far Riders]
  • [Romantic Push]
  • [Second Wind]


  • He has a son whose level in the [Lord] Class is below 20, which is less than his were when he was at his son's age,[1] though he appears to have reached the 20th level during his fight against Rags' tribe.[3]
  • His age was mentioned to be over 60 years in Chapter 5.47 G.
  • His surname was revealed in Chapter 8.23.


  • To Tyrion:
    • “Nonsense. We cannot allow these lesser creatures to insult us.”
    • “Dead gods, Veltras! All this to save a single Goblin? Did you mean what you said about an hour’s head start? By Dragons, why would you do that?”
    • “Aye, I won’t forget. It’ll be harder keeping most of them alive. Well, a few hundred won’t matter, will it? Not for the bet. I’ll have to leave my son behind, though. He’s too hotheaded to avoid trying to kill the Goblins, never mind orders!”
  • To Kilmet:
    • He can do that without risking his neck. Or going behind my back! I have to maintain discipline. I can’t do that if my flesh and blood is defying my orders!”
    • “Not as bad as that burn you got from the Corusdeer, eh, Kilmet? Now I know what it’s like.”
    • “Have my son find another horse. He’ll ride with the vanguard tonight. Under your authority.
    • “And if he gainsays you in any way, spank him as you would your own boy. I have a job to do.”
  • (To Ryoka) “Well, don’t let me bother you. A pleasure, Miss Griffin. You’ve done much for Izril. As has the late Maviola El.”
  • (To Tyrion) “Tyrion, it may be presumptuous of me, but I heard about the Wind Runner flitting about House Veltras’ lands, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t think…well. Don’t bite my head off, but I assume you’re hosting her as a guest?”
  • (Thoughts) Dead gods. It was worse than Pellmia thought. How had the man ever managed to marry Salva? Well—it had been mutual. She must have had to chase him down with a net, poor woman…
  • To Tyrion:
    • “I have been presumptuous, Tyrion. So, let me be clear. I am speaking, as I have been speaking this entire time, about Ryoka Griffin, the Courier, the Wind Runner of Reizmelt, and yourself, Lord Tyrion Veltras of House Veltras…and giving you advice about entering a relationship with the young lady, courting her with the intention of marriage if it should prove both you and she care for each other. Marriage, as defined by you marrying her and making her your wife. A relationship, which I would hope stems from mutual attraction and leads to…”
    • “Tyrion, I have never thought of you as a fool.”
    • “Except in terms of love and relationships. I grant you that I may have been wrong in where you are if you’ve never considered the Wind Runner…and if you got to her staying under your roof, that’s an incredible amount of misunderstandings which I shall laugh about all the way back to my home. And then for the next month. However, to save you from yourself, I must ask you. Are you certain that there is no chance, not one for all the good reasons we’ve listed, that Ryoka Griffin would ever, ever be someone you’re interested in?”
  • (To Ryoka) “A pleasure to meet you again, Miss Griffin. We are all in your debt. I don’t know that you’d recall, but we met at the…party in Riverfarm? I am Lord Pellmia of House Quellae.”
  • (Thoughts) Giant oranges, if Ryoka and Tyrion do come to my home, I’ll have to do this all day. Can our hearts take it?
  • (To Swey) Get a horse to kick you!
  • (To Swey) “He’s not blank, Swey. It’s just his way. Tyrion’s never worn his feelings on his sleeve. You? You wave a flag with them. Leave the man be. Or do you think we’re here because he doesn’t care?”