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Pelt is a dishonoured Master Smith Dwarf of Deríthal-vel. He used to live in Pallass for a time before moving to Esthelm, after regaining his pride for his craft.


He is around 5'4'' tall, has dark green eyes, and a beard.[2]


He has a direct and confrontational personality/manner of act and speech, and is not afraid to reveal his own opinion to others, even if it is something rude to them. He does appear to have a soft spot for children, and like every other Dwarf, he enjoys drinking.

Due to a mistake that he made in the past that had cost him his pride for his craft and in himself, he had become a dispirited, lazy, moody to personally work, and prone to anger. He was indifferent to most of the smithing crafts that he did not take seriously, shows almost no respect to anybody, and is drunk more often than not.

While in this state, whenever he did make something that he had giving it his all, he is obssessed with perfectionism for his own craft that bordering on madness. If there is even a single mistake in the finished product, even if it is a tiny fixable one, he enters into desperate and depressing state of mind. Given time, he attempts to destroy a flawed piece, becoming enraged and aggressive to anyone who tries to stop him from doing so.

Thanks to Erin's help, he would eventually regain his pride for his craft and in himself, and lose the other bad habits that he had developed over his mistake, though he remains pedantic about his work.


Pelt used to be the second best [Blacksmith] of Deríthal-vel, and renown as one of the best in the world.[3] He was was one of two Dwarves acclaimed as a true smiths of Deríthal-vel in the last seven hundred years, the other one being Forgemaster Taxus.[4]

He along with several other Dwarfs were kicked out of the Dwarf mountains for a big mistake. Dawil admits that the exile was not really his fault; he was only one of the smiths. He does not elaborate more except to say that it is Pelt's tale.[5]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Hammer of a Hundred Metals] Lv. ? (50+)


  • [Greater Fire Resistance] / [Greater Resistance to Fire] (Possible)
  • [I Fear No Flame]
  • [I Forged in the Greatest Fire I Have Known]
  • [My Tools Were Unbroken]



  • (To Maughin & Lasica) “I don’t care. Vote whomever you want into your damn seats. So long as the walls don’t come crashing down, leave me out of it.”
  • (To Maughin) “Can’t your apprentices keep up a decent rhythm, Maughin? Or do all they know is how to hit something too hard!”
  • (To Erin) “Oh, you. The Human. What do you want? A knife? Go to hell, I’m not taking orders, and especially not for anything that doesn’t involve lots of gold.”
  • (To himself) “An impurity. I didn’t see it. Didn’t think to check—forgot to check. I forgot to check.
  • (To himself) “Something…feh. It’s her again. Feels like it.”
  • (To Erin) “Let it be a glorious weapon. A powerful one, worthy of a true warrior’s hand! Let it cut down a hundred thousand foes! For this was made of Grasgil! And it will freeze what it cuts! Let all those not born of snow fear its touch!”
  • (To Erin) “My craft. The art of it thanks you.”
  • (To Palt, Montressa and Beza) “I don’t like Wistram. But a [Spellscribe]’s useful. You—Minotauress—we’ll talk. You’re staying at The Wandering Inn, right? Anyone who can put up with her deserves some sympathy.”
  • (To the crowd and Erin) “The edge is good. I have little of it. But this would make a fine blade, even with steel to hold it. Steel and iron. So look, people of Esthelm. I am Pelt of Deríthal-Vel! And look, you annoying [Innkeeper]! You insane wretch of a girl!
  • (To Kevin, Hedault & Selys) “Manufactorium. People like fancy names. Call it that. Something Something Manufactorium.