Persua is a member of the Runner's Guild in Celum. She with a few other Runners, broke Ryoka's leg, at one point, because she took Lady Magnolia quest.

Appearance Edit

Persua has brown hair and a narrow, pinched face, making it seem as though she is pursing her lips at everyone. She is a head shorter than Ryoka.[1]

She has a shrill voice and pale skin.[2]

Personality Edit

Despite not being skilled in any area, Persua is very arrogant, believing herself to be superior. Furthermore, she is very lazy, hence ignores all long-distance contracts and heavy deliveries. Therefore, she chooses solely short light-weight orders like flowers or letters.[1]

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Persua first appeared as Ryoka's rival around Wales and Celum, a slow City Runner with bad running form. She had influence over a lot of [Street Runners] since she had come from their midst, and many others were afraid to cross her. Knowing that [Lady] Magnolia was overly generous and kind to runners, Persua was not amused when the anti-social upstart City Runner Ryoka Griffin snagged several deliveries in a row to Magnolia, and engineered an 'accident' where Ryoka was pushed under a cart which shattered her leg. Afterwards, Persua tormented the injured Ryoka in her inn, but also denied her involvement in the affair towards guild officials. Ryoka beat her up and also went after the adventurer who Persua had stringing along.

As both Fals and Garia were still on good terms with Ryoka later, Persua apparently hated Ryoka's guts but there was little she could do against her within the Runner's Guild aside from badmouthing about her to Valceif Godfrey.[3]

During Ryoka's month of absence in the south, Persua got a Skill that upgraded her running speed dramatically so that she could now leave Ryoka in the dust.[4] That allowed her to be called to Invrisil in order to become a Courier, although that wasn't decided yet. On her leaving-party, she confronted Ryoka again, trying to rub in her superiority. That failed, but Ivolethe took offense and attacked Persua, only to then be held hostage. Persua then swore a dire oath of vengeance against Ryoka, promising to see her raped and killed, before leaving for the North.[2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Runner] Lv. ? (below 20, in Volume 3)

Skills: Edit

  • [Double Step]
  • [Quick Movement]

Trivia Edit

  • She wears a lot of perfume, intending to mask the smell of her sweat.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Ryoka) “I’ll kill you! You’ll die horribly! There won’t be pieces left of you! I’ll kill you and everyone you love, you—

Chapter Appearances Edit

See Here.

References Edit

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