[Pirates] are essentially criminal [Sailors].

Pirate Factions Edit

In Innworld, [Pirates] may be grouped in several factions which are not all a happy family supporting each other. Instead, Drowned [Pirates] are entirely ocean-based and clash brutally with Regular Pirates, who are raiding the seas but return to the land again. While independent crews certainly exist, there are larger factions that may have a bad or good reputation among their peers - this may be based on power, wealth or honor depending on how these groups prioritize those things.[1]

The self-styled [Stormlord Captain] Imor Seagrass rules over much of the sea with his vast armies that actually ensure trade. However, it is suggested that his origins lie in the [Pirate] business, and that his protection doesn't come for free.[2]

The Siren Revine of Savere harbors [Pirates] in her waters and relies on their forces, sending raids as far as Zeres.[3]

Known Pirates and Factions: Edit

  • Bloodtear Pirates (Not-Drowned crew, affiliated with Savere, not considered respectable)[1][3]
  • Death’s Heads (Selphids crew)
  • Illuminary
  • Krakenborne (Drowned crew)[1]
  • Salt Dogs (Gnolls crew, considered Evil by other Gnolls)
  • Sandwave Fleet (Not-Drowned crew, affiliated with Savere)[3]
  • Savere (Pirate Nation)
  • Screaming Sails (Enemies with Bloodtear Pirates)
  • Seagrass’ Navy (Not-Drowned crew, affiliated with Imor Seagrass, not considered respectable)[1]
  • Steelsails Armada (Not-Drowned crew, considered respectable)[1]
  • Undersea Crews (Drowned crew only)[1]
    • The Siren’s Depths (Probably affiliated with Savere)[1]
    • The Passing Shadow
    • The Sinking Light
  • Wispguides (Drowned crew)[1]

Non-Pirate Sailors and Navies Edit

[Storm Sailors] are not [Pirates], but the only known specialized class available to regular [Sailors]. Still [Storm Sailors] aren’t always honest; they can turn to piracy, but they don’t have the class. And some Drowned Folk or those with some aspect of the sea can still be [Storm Sailors].[4]

There are several factions and groups that patrol the oceans and fight [Pirates], among them following (land-based) nations: Zeres, the Lord of the Dance, the Iron Vanguard, the Minotaur navy, the Drathian navy, the navy of Pheislant and the Thalassocracy of Medain - not necessarily listed here in order of their power. Other potential dangers to [Pirates] are Wistram and Roshal, "if you're at odds with them". However, in the grand scheme of things, land-based powers and their navies are not really considered true dangers by [Pirates]: there are dozens of things out at sea that are worse.[5]

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