Pisces' Leveling History

Leveling History Edit

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills Additional Information
Wistr. Pt. 1 [Mage] Lv. 14 He revealed his Level to Ceria shortly before they entered Wistram, which was roughly 7 years ago.
Ch 2.20 Lv. 18 → Lv. 20 He leveled twice by learning [Invisiblity] (though it's not known if he already was a [Necromancer] at that point). That happened roughly 6 years ago, during their 2nd year at Wistram.[1]
Ch 1.06 R [Necromancer] Lv. 22 Ceria remembers that Pisces was Level 22 at some point during his stay at Wistram.
Ch 2.02 [Necromancer] Lv. 27 Gazi revealed his Level, which happened after Toren's creation.
Ch 2.16 [Necromancer] Lv. 28 Unknown skill He leveled once and gained a new skill from having raised his first Undead Shield Spider.
Ch 4.27 H [Necromancer] Lv. 29

[Mage] Lv. 18

He revealed his Levels in both of his Classes to his team members.
Ch 4.37 O [Necromancer] Lv. 30 Greater mastery of bones shaping He told Olesm his current level, which he reached just a day before. Reaching level 30 enabled Pisces to create Bone Horrors.


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