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Pisces Jealnet is a [Necromancer], and regular customer of The Wandering Inn. He is a Gold-ranked adventurer and member of the Horns of Hammerad.


Pisces is a young man with pale skin, brown unkempt hair, and gray-green eyes.[1] Initially, he wore dirty grey robes[2] but later replaced them for clean white ones, enchanted to be stainless.[3]


Pisces: “Thus far I haven’t found any people worthy of my assistance. Why should I help those who judge me in ignorance and fear?”

Erin: “Because you’re a better person than they are.”

- Pisces and Erin[4]

To most people, Pisces can come off as an arrogant and obnoxious jerk with an odd habit of sniffing when displaying scorn or showing off. He has a habit of using seven words when one word would suffice. Pisces often believes himself to be the smartest person in the room and enjoys lording over his intellectual superiority over others. While this attitude sometimes gets him into trouble,[5] he is not ignorant of the way it makes others view him, and occasionally even acts more arrogant than he really is in order to manipulate those around him.[6]

However, Pisces has a softer, more human side that he rarely shows to others. He can be quite charming when he wants to, and is shown to empathize with the plights of others. Despite being haughty, he enjoys lecturing and engaging in debates. His abrasive nature is mainly to hide his true personal feelings, and is often embarrassed when called out for doing so.

As a result of choosing to be a [Necromancer], Pisces often attracts scorn and hatred. He refuses to hide who he is, choosing to weather this hatred as ignorance, refusing to change for societal pressure, and usually turns away from others.[7] Unlike many other [Necromancers], he seeks to achieve beauty and truth through his craft, not power and the possibility to kill others. This always set him apart from other [Mage] outlaws, at least in his mind.[8] He has a great love for magic, and often spends days holed up learning new spells.

By Pisces's own admittance, he would have gone the path of death and destruction like Az'kerash and many other [Necromancers] if he hadn't met Erin Solstice.


Pisces is the son of Padurn and Enica Jealnet and grew up as a commoner in the Terandrian nation of Ailendamus. His father was a [Fencer] employed by the [Lord] of House Dultel. His father wanted him to also learn the trade of a [Fencer] and trained him accordingly, but Pisces eventually refused to follow in his footsteps.

His change of mind occured when he was a teenager, after meeting a [Necromancer] named Gewilena who showed him - as he tells it - a beautiful bone construct and helped him find out he was adept at magic, and Necromancy as well. He renounced his father's class and tried to impress his local [Lord] as a [Mage], and even finding tutorship. One early attempt of his combination of fencing and magical skills was to become a [Spellsword], but he didn't manage that before being found out as a [Necromancer].

About half of the [Necromancers] including Gewilena were captured and executed by being burned to death.[9] Afterwards, Pisces defeated his father and took his silver bell. He ran away and used magic and sleight of hand to earn enough gold to pay the price of admission to Wistram.[8]


Already during his 2nd year at Wistram, Pisces had made a name for himself with his prowess in magic and dueling. He could beat students with several years on him thanks to his talent with a rapier. But he was also rich in secrets due to his use of undead. Sometimes it appeared as though he knew everything. People could be whispering in the halls and he’d pick up on it. As a result, everyone suspected Pisces of having mastered an advanced eavesdropping spell, but no one could tell when he was using it or which spell it was. No one was aware that, in actuality, he was using undead mice to listen to other people's conversations. On numerous occasions, students had been casting [Detect Magic] to try and observe him using the spell, without any success.[10]


Volumes 1 and 2[]

When introduced to the audience, Pisces was terrorizing the countryside with skeletons for money and food, but that strategy didn't work with Erin, who instead made him pay after he assaulted her inn. Contrary to what Pisces assumed, she then actually fed him.[11] Liscor's City Watch had at that time been on the lookout for the "monster" that Pisces pretended to be, and were happy when Erin could point them to Pisces. However, when Erin learned he was going to be executed for being a [Necromancer], she changed her mind and withdrew her statements. She continued hosting Pisces in exchange for promises of future payment, but also didn't make a secret out of being disgusted with him. She tested her more dubious food on him first, regularly refused to give him the best food available, and didn't let him stay overnight. In exchange for that free food and basic hospitality, Pisces saved her life[2], taught her and Rags something about magic[12] and built her a skeletal servant, Toren.[13] Despite being Toren's creator, Pisces lost all control over the skeleton when making it obedient to Erin, a circumstance that soon regretted.[14]

After having been exposed to Liscor's Watch, he was banned from the city for months and lived in a former bear cave that he called his den, protecting it with magical wards. This den was not suitable to study magic in, being open to all weather conditions; so he hated that place.[15] At some point he was contacted by his former Wistram friend Ceria, who asked him to cure Ryoka's shattered leg. Pisces agreed and was paid 40 gold coins[16], but that payment was collected in full by Relc to pay for all of Pisces' crimes in Liscor. After that incident, Pisces was again allowed within city limits,[17] but continued to live in his bear cave and dine at The Wandering Inn that eventually moved closer to Liscor.

Pisces again saved Erin's life during Skinner's Attack on Liscor, when he also fought the Undead that invaded the city.[18] Afterwards, Pisces received a custom [Message] spell from Ceria informing him that she had survived in the Ruins of Liscor.[19] Then Pisces, Erin, Ryoka, Rags, Ksmvr, and Toren all entered the ruins together and rescued Ceria and Olesm.[20]

His luck changed when Lyonette was exiled from Liscor: Selys made him a Bronze-Rank Adventurer in exchange for making Erin save the girls life.[21] Pisces had always been adverse to become an adventurer, but he needed to get money and higher levels. So he got himself recruited into Ceria's new Horns of Hammerad, and he thus became a full adventurer, albeit in a group of rejects and misfits.[15]

Volume 3 onwards[]

Ruins of Albez... student of Az'kerash... wanted by Wistram... Bloodfields...

Powers and Abilities[]

He appears to be able to cast more than 50 different spells, given that Ceria mentioned him to know more spells than she does.[15] The highest tier Pisces can cast is in the 3rd tier with the exception of one 4th tier spell ([Invisibility]). Aside from Necromancy, he is, according to himself, a specialist of the Wind Elementalist field of magic.[2]

Pisces managed to create an undead that can level, an extremely rare if not unique feat that was a long term dream of his. He also developed the ability to raise undead without skeletal structures, such as a baby shield spider which he uses for scouting and spying on people, since he is able to look and hear through his undead creations.[22]

He is capable of raising eight deceased Goblins simultaneously and a Hob.[15]

As a [Necromancer] he has a massive advantage when fighting against the undead. When Liscor was attacked by a horde of the undead, he managed to kill at least 100 minor Undead and even a Crypt Lord.[15]

In a state of strong exhaustion he succeeded in reanimating over thirty skeletons in a ten minute period. However, that act almost killed him.[23]

Furthermore, he is an excellent duelist, demonstrating his skill at Wistram as well as in subsequent fights. However, he does not possess the [Fencer] class, as he never wanted to level in it.[24]

Pisces is able to create Bone Horrors, a kind of amalgamation of undead bone fragments. He has used them to clear out rats in Liscor's sewers, and has used them as weapons in the exploration of Liscor's Dungeon.[24] After having optimized them, his primary Bone Horror has become 20% more efficient.[25]


  • [Deathbane Necromancer] Lv. 38
    • Derived from [Necromancer] → [Ossific Necromancer]
  • [Mage] Lv. 22
  • [Slave] Lv. 3


  • [Ashen Mana Well]
  • [Authority of Death (Lesser)]
  • [Constant Foe (Undead)]
  • [Drain Death Mana]
  • [Improved Mana Circulation]
  •  ??? - Gives greater mastery of bones shaping.
  •  ??? - Enables casting magic without a wand.[15]


  • Tier 0:
    • [Light]
  • Tier 1:
    • [Detect Death] (Not used in chapters, but taught the spell to Monteressa)
    • [Electric Jolt]
    • [Frozen Wind]
    • [Light Arrow]
  • Tier 2:
    • [Shock Volt]
    • [Stone Dart]
    • [Stone Spray]
  • Tier 3:
    • [Acid Orb]
    • [Fireball]
    • [Flash Step][26]
    • [Message]
    • [Detect Magic]
  • Tier 4:
    • [Invisibility]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Amplify Sound]
    • [Animate Dead]
    • [Barrier of Air]
    • [Bone Fracture]
    • [Bone Shiv]
    • [Bone Wall][27]
    • [Bone Wheel]
    • [Condensation]
    • [Charm of Thoughts]
    • [Deathbolt]
    • [Firefly]
    • [Flame Arrow]
    • [Flame Rapier]
    • [Flying Bone Club]
    • [Lightning Jolt]
    • [Muffle]
    • [Neutralize Odor]
    • [Raise Dead]
    • [Raise Skeleton]
    • [Repair]
    • [Ritual of the Lord of Bones]
    • [Sealed Space]
    • [Silence]
    • [Sleep]
    • [Translate]
    • [Undead Shattertouch]
    • [Wind Blast]
    • [Wind Shield][27]
    • Unnamed flaming sphere spell (Can conjure a flaming sphere that when thrown can consume its targets).[18]
    • Able to cast illusions to make himself look like a monster


  • [Famous Name]

(For Leveling History see Here)


  • Lip Reading.[3]
  • Knowledgeable in Goblin Language and Goblin Body Language.[28]


  • Insects
  • Skeletons
  • Zombies
  • Bone Horrors
  • Bone Behemoth[29]
  • Frostmarrow Behemoth (Only when linked with Ceria)[30]
  • Skeleton Lord[9]
  • Horses[31]


  • Nekhret's Bones (-4 bones)
  • White robes, enchanted with a small protective charm and resistance to stains.[3]
  • Arrowguard Ring: It can deflect up to 3 or 4 arrows. It does not work if the arrows are skill-augmented or shot from point-blank range. It recharges on ambient mana in the span of a day.[32]
  • [Shatterbolt] Ring[3]
  • Spellbook written by Djinni[9]

Former Possessions:[]

  • Waisrabbit Bone Wand


  • His surname was first revealed in Ch 6.57.
  • Seven years ago, Pisces was 16 years old when he entered Wistram Academy[33] and a Level 14 [Mage].[34]
  • As Ceria recalls it, Pisces was a Level 22 [Necromancer] at some point during his stay at Wistram.[16]
  • He is wanted by several cities for extortion and troublemaking. Furthermore, he is also hunted by the Wistram Academy. As a result, he rarely stays in the same area for long, because every time the academy discovers his whereabouts they send out a team to capture him.[16]
  • The first Tier 4 spell Pisces knew was [Invisibility]. Learning it nearly killed him. He studied every night for at least two hours for a month before he got it down. He learned [Invisibility] when he was Level 18 and managed to level twice from learning it.[35] The time he needed to learn a tier 4 spell is not the norm, though. It usually would require a mage much longer to be able to learn such complicated spell.
  • Ksmvr is the only person who can annoy Pisces without also being annoyed by him.[36]
  • Despite the fact that Pisces took all of Nekhret's bones[37], he only used four of them when he created Toren.[38]
  • Pisces has indirectly caused the death of far more than 60 people (Toren's attack on Esthelm resulted in the death of "a lot of people"[39] and Nekhret's shades killed around 60 people at Wistram[37])
  • Pisces is aware that Erin comes from another world, though she doesn't know he is aware.[40]
  • Pisces prefers Skeletons over Zombies, because he finds the latter rotting flesh unrefined. Because of this, he does not have any Skills involving the summoning of flesh-based undead.[41]
  • It was already hinted at in 3.07 H that Pisces is not a noble from Terandria but a common-born, which was then confirmed in 6.58.
  • Pisces was around 14 years old when he first leveled.[8]
  • Rufelt initially assumed that Pisces was a Gnoll as Erin had described him as a "sniffing [Necromancer]"[42]