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The Pithfire Hounds are a Silver-ranked Adventure group that is active around the area of Reizmelt.



Ryoka met them when they were assaulted by Wailer Frogs and asked for help via Mage-Message to Reizmelt. Their horses were dead and they needed potion delivery. Ryoka provided help and evacuated Lamont.[1]

The Pithfire Hounds later thanked Ryoka by turning against their employers who planned to assassinate the runner.[2]


They don’t truck about with dungeons, complex missions or traps. They hunt down their prey, smoke it out, and kill it. They're good at it, unless they ran into a monster group that they aren’t prepared for.[3]


Name Race Position Status
Levil Human Leader + [Pyromancer] Active
Bram[1] Human [Beast Tamer] Deceased[4]
Lamont[1] Human [Warrior] Active
Tally[3][2] Human [Ranger] (Archer) Active
Keima[3] Human [Axe Fighter] Active
Ullica[3] Human [Mage] Active
Makki[1] Wolfhound Deceased[4]
Dassa[1] Wolfhound Deceased
Mousey[5] Aldasian Warhound Active