The Pithfire Hounds are a Silver-ranked Adventure group that is active around the area of Reizmelt.

Overview Edit

Chronology Edit

Ryoka met them when they were assaulted by Wailer Frogs and asked for help via Mage-Message to Reizmelt. Their horses were dead and they needed potion delivery. Ryoka provided help and evacuated Lamont.[1]

The Pithfire Hounds later thanked Ryoka by turning against their employers who planned to assassinate the runner.[2]

Strength Edit

They don’t truck about with dungeons, complex missions or traps. They hunt down their prey, smoke it out, and kill it. They're good at it, unless they ran into a monster group that they aren’t prepared for.[3]

Members Edit

Name Race Position Status
Levil Human Leader / [Pyromancer] Active
Bram[1] Human [Beast Tamer] Active
Lamont[1] Human [Warrior] Active
Tally[3][2] Human [Ranger] (Archer) Active
Keima[3] Human Axe Fighter Active
Ullica[3] Human Mage Active
Makki[1] Wolfhound Active
Dassa[1] Wolfhound Deceased
Mousey[4] Aldasian Warhound Active

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