The Players of Celum is a troupe of [Actors] that was formed thanks to Erin.

Overview Edit

They were initially formed when Erin was searching for a calling for Jasi, a Drake living in Celum.[1] Because of Erin's [Perfect Recall] skill, she was able to reconstruct human plays and teach them to the members of the troupe. After initially performing in standing-room only shows at the Frenzied Hare, they move to become a traveling troupe with a home base in the [Grand Theater] of The Wandering Inn.

Since being founded, the group has expanded significantly. They have since put on shows in Ocre, Remendia, and Wales.[2]

Book 5 Edit

Erin invited the original cast of the troupe to put on regular performances in her inn, which earned her the [Grand Theatre] Skill, allowing her to transform the barroom into a stage area.[2] The exclusitivity of that deal made for a few disgruntled theatre patrons in Celum.[3] The Players even performed a new play written after the Moth Attack on Liscor, called the Triumph of Liscor, which was well received.[4] However, the romance of Juliet and Romeo which entered Erin's Inn's stage for the first time afterwards, turned out to incite riots and protests among the audience[5] until Erin found out that this was for sexist reasons that could be avoided by switching the races of the families.[6] The players also participated in the InnWorlds first game of Baseball.[7]

Book 6 Edit

Most of the co-founders of the group (Wesle, Jasi, Esme, Grav, Kilkran) moved on to Lellisdam when Erin's inn was inaccessible during the Siege of Liscor. Afterwards, the Celum branch of the troupe was contracted by Lyonette to perform in The Wandering Inn again.[8] Since the most reknowned actors were away by then, Temile took the role of organizing the plays, including casting and practicing with his actors, which meant 10 "veteran" humans and freshly recruited local Drakes and Gnolls from Liscor.[9]

Their shows have since been proven especially popular with the crowd in Pallass, who watch the performances via the re-opened Magical Door and even get pauses or replays of the scenes they missed due to "door downtime".[10] The interest of Pallass into the plays went so far that several inquiring people had booked trips through the magical door to learn from the players themselves.[11]

Known Plays Edit

List of plays that the Players of Celum are known to put on. Listed in order that the group learned them from Erin.

Classic Earth Plays: Edit

Original Plays: Edit

  • Triumph of Liscor[4][18]
  • The Hubris of the Raskghar[19]

Members Edit

Known Members Edit

Name Race Position Roles played
Wesle Salkis Human Leader & Actor
Jasi Drake Leading Co-Star Actress
Grev Human Props Helper
Emme Part-Dwarf Stage Manager & Actress
Esbell Human Actor
Macduff Unknown Actor
Pralcem Unknown Actor
Kilkran Unknown Actor
Temile Human Director, Stage Manager & Lead Actor Benvolio[20]
Esme Unknown Unknown
Damius Unknown Unknown
Rima Unknown Unknown
Unknown Drake Gregory[20]
Unknown Drake Unknown Sampson[20]
Yimur Gnoll Lead Actor Macbeth[9]
Unknown Unknown Playwright

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