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== Stamina Potion ==
== Stamina Potion ==
== [Haste] Potion ==
== Stink Potion ==
== Stink Potion ==
== Pepper Potion ==
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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Healing Potion

Healing Potions can come in many colors and qualities. A yellow one seems to be a High-grade Potion[1]


  • There is a limit of how often a person can drink a healing potion and expecting it to treat his wounds. After the consumption of a couple ones, the body stops regenerating and makes said person very exhausting.[2]
  • Can't regenerate missing limbs, cure colds, or frostbites


  • A Low-grade Healing Potion costs nearly a gold coin in Liscor. [3] It seems to be similarly expensive in Celum.[4]

Mana Potion


  • Mana Poisoning (more information to come)

Stamina Potion

[Haste] Potion

Stink Potion

Pepper Potion


  • One messy way to get over a hangover is by drinking a mana potion. Alcohol and mana potions don't go well together; by consuming both everything comes back up.[5]


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