Healing Potion

Healing Potions can come in many colors and qualities. However, the color itself is no indication of its quality.[1]


  • There is a limit of how often a person can drink a healing potion and expecting it to treat his wounds. After the consumption of a couple ones, the body stops regenerating and makes said person very exhausting.[2]
  • Can't regenerate missing limbs, cure colds, or frostbites.


  • A Low-grade Healing Potion costs nearly a gold coin in Liscor.[3] It seems to be similarly expensive in Celum.[4]

Mana Potion

Mana Potions infuse a body with Mana.


  • Mana Poisoning (see: Mana)

Sustenance Providing Potion

The Sustenance Providing Potion is a rare acquisition that [Alchemists] may pay well for. It is not a common discovery in adventurer’s packs however, as adventurers generally fail to properly re-seal them. Unlike the majority of potions, Sustenance Providing Potions aren't usually consumed all at once, but in small dosages, and improperly sealing the potion between each usage likely leads to the loss of its magical properties.[5]

Effects (High-quality potion):

  • Drinking a small bit from it will forestall hunger for a day.
  • Drinking the entire potion at once will provide sustenance for up to a month depending on the level of exertion.


  • The user will find it difficult to imbibe any other foods in the meantime, although it is possible.

Breathing Potion

Breathing Potions are exactly what they sound like. The creation of such potions differ.[6]


  • Generally such potions have the efficacy to provide their users to hold their breath for two hours.


  • Majority of the potions were made to be held in the mouth rather than swallowed.


  • Swallowing such a potions may result in extreme indigestion. Explosive effects tend to ensue.

Other Potions

  • Stamina Potion
  • [Haste] Potion
  • Invisibility Potion
  • Regeneration Potion
  • Thickskin Potion
  • Stink Potion
  • Pepper Potion
  • Neutralizing Potion
  • Ignition Potion
  • Bark Potion (Costs 17 gold coins in Liscor)[7]
  • Featherfall Potion
  • Ironhide Potion[8]


  • One messy way to get over a hangover is by drinking a mana potion. Alcohol and mana potions don't go well together; by consuming both everything comes back up.[9]


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