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Prixall is a Hobgoblin Witch of the Molten Stone Tribe, and Anazurhe daughter.


Despite being over sixty years old she looks no different then a typical fully-grown Hob. She has a complex structure to her hair, like a spiderweb, that looked like if anything as provocative as running a comb through the hair, it would create the most horrific tangle ever imagine, which nothing short of a razor would save you from. Yet they never quite tangled. She’d also dyed it blonde, for purely aesthetic.[1]


Prixall is well-spoken, in both the common and Goblin tongues. Though she lacks the Goblin’s technical ability to express themselves with body language. She's jealous of those famous Goblins that have adventures and fight humans, and she's saddened that they die so soon. She thinks they're too young for such a fate.[1]


Prixall is Anazurhe's oldest living daughter. She was born when Anazurhe came to Izril to create the Molten Stone Tribe. She studied magic and helped build the tribe. She was present when Velan the Kind visited her mother to ask her to fight for him.[1]


Prixall welcomed Rags and her entourage into Molten Stone's inner sanctum, and escorted them to meet the chieftain Anazurhe. Her mother told her to watch Rags, someone who walks the path of a Goblin Lord and will not live long according to her.

She was tasked with showing Rags the secret project of the Molten Stone Tribe. Stealing an Inheritance Skill, [The Labyrinth of Fithel].[1]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Witch] Lv. ?





  • To Rags:
    • “You. You are Chieftain Rags of the Flooded Waters tribe. The Witch of the Molten Stone tribe has been expecting you.”
    • “Witch Prixall. Hob of the Molten Stone tribe or…spellcaster? Yes, spellcaster of the Molten Stone tribe. Not a [Shaman]. We do not have many rankings.”
    • “Chieftain Rags. I am not old. I am her oldest daughter. Living. When she came here, started this tribe, she had me. Long ago. I studied here. I helped make this…”
    • “I am not old. I am over sixty years old. And I am not old. You all die too soon.”
  • (To Anazurhe) “You didn’t say ‘get a cup’, Chieftain.”