'Prophet' is the username of one of the people who got transported to the other world from Earth.

Apperance Edit

Personality Edit

Seems to be very zealous in his faith.[1]

Background Edit

Unknown, but his statements fall in line with a newly converted christian.

Chronology Edit

He was present in the chatroom, which was created by [BlackMage] and has not appeared again.

Powers and Abilities Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The Ten Commandments is one of his favorite movies.

Quotes Edit

  • [Prophet] = Pray for Salvation and His Hand shall shelter you.
  • [Prophet] = All those who pray shall be Saved by the Lord our God.
  • [Prophet] = Before I heard the Voice and was Reborn I watched movies such as The Ten Commandments. Is that what you wish to know?

References Edit

  1. Interlude-2
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