Lady Pryde of House Ulta[1] is one of the foremost [Ladies] in Izril. She is a confidant and trusted friend of Magnolia Reinhart.

Appearance Edit

She is a tall woman with orange eyes,[1] black hair, and high cheekbones. Her posture and voice are imperious. She has been seen wearing a pale yellow-and-lilac dress.[2]

Personality Edit

She grooms a sense of pride that fuels her class and skills. This includes dramatic posturing, boasting[1] and showing neither fear nor embarassment.[2]

Background Edit

She received her [Lady] education from [Lady] Zanthia.[1]

She is admired by the people of the Ulta lands, especially for her pride.[1]

Chronology Edit

[Lady] Pryde participated in the scheme of [Lady] Magnolia to pressure the force of [Lord] Tyrion Veltras into abandoning his Siege of Liscor.[3]

For that reason, she received black roses and a few rookie assassins from supporters of Veltras' anti-Drake campaign, which she all easily crushed and dismissed.[1] She then participated in Magnolia's trade war.

A short time later, she took out with her Master of Arms Beshard and 100 warriors to crush an Ogre tribe that terrorized her lands.[2]

Together with Magnolia Reinhart and Wuvren Sitil, she went through the Magical Door in Invrisil to Erin Solstice's inn, to provide aura support to Magnolia. She stayed interested in the inn and the weight room installed by Grimalkin, and stayed there for a while.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Her Skills are fueled by her reservoir of ego (which is not closer detailed, but it may grow low - which is when she may actually be embarassed).[2] This reservoir can recover more quickly when people around acknowledge or adore her.

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Lady of Pride] Lv. ?[4]

Skills: Edit

  • [Compressed Muscle]
  • [Ego is Weight]
  • [Pride is Unbreakable]
  • [Pride is Weight]

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Quotes Edit

  • (To [Assassins]) “Four [Assassins]? Send a hundred! Send a thousand! Tell your Guildmaster that I want him to take this contract himself.”
  • (To Beshard) “Halt my return for such a menial task? Or wear garments out of, what, embarrassment, Beshard? Out of the question! We ride on! Have that Ogre’s head displayed—and the hammer he wielded! Let my people know the Ogres will never touch my lands!”
  • (To Beshard) “A [Lady] is a [Lady] in every moment. Whether naked or clothed. Lady Zanthia might say something like that. I personally care not. And shame is not something I feel for my body!”
  • (To Grimalkin) “You are the largest Drake I’ve met. I am Pryde. And one does not insist anything of me. Kindly step back.”
  • (To Erin) “Don’t make me discipline you. I might admire your spirit. In fact, I rather do. But I require respect first.”
  • (To Erin) “Interesting. You want to make this a competition? Show me what makes Magnolia so fascinated.”
  • (To Grimalkin) “I don’t need either. I keep myself fit. House Ulta’s retainers have strict training and I’ve ensured their regimen is second to none. And gone through it myself.”

References Edit

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