Pyrite's Leveling History.

Leveling History Edit

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills & Spells Additional Information
Ch 5.37 G [Chieftain] Lv. 20+ Tyrion revealed that Pyrite's Level in his [Chieftian] Class is above 20 with the help of his appraisal item.
Ch 5.55 G [Mining Chieftain] Lv. 20+

[Blademaster] Lv. 3

Pyrite revealed that he was a [Mining Chieftain], even when he was still living with his Goldstone Tribe, and that he has 3 Levels in [Blademaster].
Ch 5.56 G [Magestone Chieftain] Lv. 20+ Pyrite told Rags that he became a [Magestone Chieftain].
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