Quarass is the name and title of the ruler of Germina, one of Chandrar’s four Shield Kingdoms. The Quarass is also a Dragonslayer.[3]


The current incarnation of the Quarass has the body of young, dark skinned, girl. She has pale yellow eyes and black hair that is parted in a widow's peak.[1] She looks like a child who might have been 9, or 13 if she was late to her growth spurt.[3]




The daughter of the Quarass murdered her mother, and then as Quarass became a bitter woman.[2]

The Quarass formally declared war on Reim short time after Flos became active again. After her army was beaten and Flos invaded her palace, he personally beheaded her[4]. Flos remained at hand to oversee in secret the coronation of the next [Quarass], to whom he pledged an oath of protection, while claiming Germina and its people as his own for the coming 40 years. The Quarass accepted that oath.[1]

She later visited Reim to confer with Flos about the state of their nations, and agreed to enter negotiations with Fetohep of Khelt, to whom she has a somewhat good relationship. Trey accompanied her there,[2] and so she and then Fetohep learned about the secret of the Earthworlders.[5]

Powers and Abilities

The Quarass always knows everything her predecessors knew.

Being able to draw from her many past incarnations, the Quarass can take advantage of the leveling system and can not only shape her own levelling accordingly, but also guide her subjects.


  • [Quarass] Lv. ? (Level 8: suspected by Trey)[5]


  • [Memory of the Quarass]


  • Tier 0:
    • [Light]

Restricted Spells:

Spells that the Quarass knows but is currently unable to cast.

  • Tier 5:
    • [Pestilence’s Touch]


  • One of the [Quarasses] of the past had been male.[2]



  • (To Khalid) “Yes, you. You are one of my three, are you not? Well, the King of Destruction is already left. So tell me your name, my guardian and companion. And rise, for I have need of your strength.”
  • (To Trey) “However, I choose to be her. I chose to be Quarass of Germina and give myself for Germina. I could flee. I have fled in eighty seven lifetimes, some brief, some long and old. I will not. I am no coward.”
  • (To Trey) “Sand-blinded boy! I have slept with more women than you have in your life, you arrogant virgin! I have eaten the hearts of my dead foes, and watched nations fall! I am not one to be coddled or made light of! I am the Quarass of Germina!”


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