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Queravia, also known as the Gambler of Fates, was one of Flos’ Seven, and the strategist who used to lead his armies. She died in Baleros, killed by Niers.




As she was the one who led Flos' armies, it was she who won the fiercest battles in his name, directing soldiers while his other vassals rode forth and fought on the front lines.

She was Flos' greatest strategist. Not just any [Strategist] either, as she bet against luck itself. She was a gambler, a [Gambler Strategist]. Before she died she became a [Gambler of Fates]. She lost her last bet in Baleros,[1] against Niers Astoragon.[2]


A decade ago, when Flos launched his invasion from Chandrar, he sent Queravia with his fleets, sailing to Baleros.

Only one of the fleets reached Baleros. The others were stranded at sea. But it was Queravia who first set foot there. She crushed the port city of Zaland in a day, and established a foothold, though her King’s armies had yet to reach the continent. But she would not retreat. There she planted the King of Destruction’s banner and challenged all the companies of Baleros. By herself, with only a single army she held that ground.

No one could defeat her. No one could kill her or rout her army. Not assassins nor legions of her foes. She defeated the Three-Color Stalker, flushed them out of hiding and sent them fleeing, nearly dead of their wounds. She slew the leader of the Iron Vanguard, Grandmarshal Sorolat, and broke both his company and Maelstrom’s Howling with her forces.

When her King's fleets neared it seemed as though Queravia would receive aid. However, one last force gathered to defeat her. Niers, the second-in-command of the Forgotten Wing, brought together every company from the marshy cities to the eastern ports and launched an assault on her position. On that day the two greatest [Strategists] in the world clashed.

She lost, and as she was laying on the ground, she laughed at Niers, laughed as her dice fell one last time. She said something to Niers, before dying.[2] More TBA From Chapter 8.14 N.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Gambler of Fates] Lv. ? (derived from [Gambler Strategist])


  • Flos can't decide whether she was the finest [Strategist] in the world or the second finest.[1]


  • (To Niers) “I curse you. Just so you know. You—you told me you weren’t a gambler. Liar.”
  • (To Niers) “I’m joking. Go on, [Strategist]. We both know it wouldn’t stop me. Or you. I curse you with the [Gambler]’s curse. Nothing special. You don’t play a gambler’s games, Niers Astoragon. So win without luck. My [King] will follow after, you know.”