Quietstab was a Hobgoblin and formerly one of Tremborag’s warriors, before leaving him for Rag. In her tribe he was one of her officers and the representative of the former Mountain City Goblins.

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He had been one of Tremborag’s warriors who sat at the high table, but since he didn’t have a huge faction behind him, he was at the bottom of the rung.[1]

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He's was seasoned raid leader[2] and a good warrior, but not an outstanding one.[1] As a [Rogue] he was good at hiding.[3]

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  • [Rogue] Lv. ?

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  • (To Pyrite) “Took city. Without siege!”
  • (To Pyrite) “But Tremborag leads. Great Chieftain. This time our Chieftain leads.”

References Edit

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