Rémi is a Human from Earth that was teleported to Innworld. He is a [Reporter], doing undercover work in Chandrar's warzones and signs with his pseudonym Rémi Canada.

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He came from Canada originally and was abducted with 18 other people in one of Earth's airports together with various other people his age, among them the [Cameraman] Davi. 15 of Rémis companions chose to enter A'ctelios Salash, while Rémi, a girl and a young Russian man, chose to leave the place as soon as possible.[1]

Chronology Edit

During the war of the Nerrhavia/Savere/Illivere/Xern/Deimos/Lamult coalition against Tiqr, Rémi reported the true end of the Laughing Brigade shortly before Tiqr's fall.[2]

He was hiding among the forces of Magus-Crafter Femithain during that campaign.[3]

Rémi later appeared in Levrhine to broadcast from both sides of the war between Belchan and Reim, all while being assisted by a female Garuda in his journalistic endeavors there. He even provided the footage that Wistram provided to the world via commentary from Noass and Sir Relz, and was the one who dubbed King Raelt as the ‘King of Duels’ at the end.[4]

He proposed to some influential persons in Chandrar to establish their own newspaper, in order to diversify the reported news from Izril's and Wistram's bias.[5]

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Reporter] Lv. ?
  • [Journalist] Lv. ?[5]

Skills: Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Smartphone
  • Scrying Mirror

Trivia Edit

  • He was mentioned for the first time in Ch 6.52 K.

Quotes Edit

  • (In a reportage) I will attempt to journey to Oliphant to report on the end of Tiqr, although I fear my articles have now attracted a bounty on my own head.
  • (To his assistant) “Stop whispering during the filming. And this isn’t over.”
  • (To Noass and the world at large) “The King of Duels. The Duelist King.
  • (To investors) “The thing is—Wistram does not own a monopoly on the news. Give me the resources and I will make a newspaper for Chandrar. Izril is not the center of the world. Nor is Wistram. And multiple newspapers are an inevitability.”

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