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Rabbiteater, also known as the Goblin Slayer[1] and Ser Solstice,[2] is a Goblin and one of the Redfang Elite Warriors.

After the events in Esthelm, he became a Hobgoblin. He and the others stayed in The Wandering Inn until the battle against the Goblin Lord, after which he was sent by Rags on a journey in disguise to send Goblins to her tribe, mistakenly becoming known as the Goblin Slayer by non-Goblins.

Currently, he is a guest of the Order of Seasons in Pheislant, under the pseudonym of Ser Solstice. Later on, after helping the Order in their war, and having bested 3 of Ailendamus’ [Generals], he become known as Ser Rabbiteater Solstice and the Knight of Solstice.[3]


He has green skin and crimson eyes. After becoming a Hobgoblin, he is taller than an average human. He has pointy ears and a rather lengthy, pointed nose. His teeth are pointy and sharp, and have two rows, like a shark.

He has red tattoos that mark his identity as a Redfang. He currently wears full armor to disguise his identity as a Goblin. He also wears a Cloak of Plenty, set to blood.


He’s good at most things and he likes to eat. He’s a hard worker, and the other Goblins like him because he doesn’t get on their nerves.[4]

He finds books to be soothing, and likes to sleep with them around.[2]



Rabbiteater was one of thirteen Redfang Elite Warriors tasked to kill Erin Solstice by Garen Redfang. On their way to Liscor, Rabbiteater and the other goblins participated in the defense of Esthelm where the surviving members evolved into Hobs. Rabbiteater and the other goblins then saved Erin from Eater Goats.

The group was eventually hired as security at The Wandering Inn where they worked together until the Goblin Lord's attack on Liscor. (for a more detailed breakdown of the achievements of their entire group, see Redfang Elite Warriors)


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Champion] Lv. 34
    • Advanced from [Warrior]
  • [Aura Knight] Lv. 15
    • Advanced from [Knight] → [Knight-Errant]


  • [Aspect of the Champion]
    • [Greater Speed]
    • [Enhanced Strength]
    • [Greater Dexterity]
  • [Aura of the Brave]
  • [Aura of the Hearth]
  • [Basic Riding]
  • [Champion’s Gear]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Grand Slash]
  • [Greater Speed]
  • [Long Backstep]
  • [Mistreach Cut]
  • [Muffled Armor]
  • [Shield Ram]
  • [Steelcut Sunder]
  • [Reinforced Armor (Steel)]
  • [Valor of Champions]

(For Leveling History see Here)


  • Cloak of Plenty[5]
  • Steel Sword[6]
  • Chainmail Shirt[7]
  • Enchanted Golden Axe with the Green Edge. Enchanted with a combination of an Enlargement spell and Projection spell, which enables it to project a huge, glowing enchanted blade, easily as long as the axe itself, from the jade edge.[8] (Passed from Headscratcher to Rabbiteater)[9]