Rabbiteater's Leveling History

Leveling History

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills Additional Information
Ch 3.17 T Main Class Lv. 10+ N/A It was said that Rabbiteater and the rest of the Redfang warriors were above Lv. 10.
Ch 5.15 Main Class Below Lv. 20 Skill Revealed


None of the 5 Redfang warriors have reached Lv. 20 yet.

Revealed to have [Dangersense], and that he is the only one to have it.

Ch 5.41 [Warrior] Lv. 19 (+?) N/A Rabbiteater reached Level 19, making him the only member of the group that is still below 20 and hasn't received a Class advancement.
Ch 5.49 [Warrior] Lv. 20 (+1)


[Warrior] → [Champion]

[Grand Slash]

[Champion’s Gear]

[Valor of Champions]

Due to the Cave Goblins believe that Rabbiteater is their Hero, the [Warrior] class advanced into [Champion].
Ch 5.53 [Champion] at last Lv. 22 It was stated that he leveled twice this week.
Interlude – Talia [Champion] Lv. 28 (+4?)

[Knight] Lv. 2 (+2) 

[Steelcut Sunder]

[Reinforced Armor (Steel)]

[Basic Riding]

[Champion] Leveled Up and Obtained the [Knight] Class.

Obtained 3 Skills.

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