Raekea Silversmith is a Gnoll [Armorer], married to Beclist, the best Drake [Blacksmith] in Liscor. She is one of three Gnolls on Liscor's Council.

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Due to her profession her arms are patterned with burns and has hair missing in patches.[1]

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  • [Armorer] Lv. ?

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  • (To Krshia) “If it is that or death—yes. I have spoken with my husband. He is Liscor-born, but when he looks at our child…yes, Krshia. We would run to save him. But I am not ready yet.”
  • (To Maughin) “I—I’d be honored. But my forge is humble. And I’m sure I haven’t the levels to compare to Master Maughin. Not by half. I can’t…this is very sudden, yes?”
  • (To Beclist) “Beclist, hush! They’re just rats. Tiny ones! They couldn’t hurt you even if they bit through your scales.”
  • (To Mrsha) “Now, let us find the one we seek. For we may be Plains Gnolls, but we do battle as City Gnolls here, Mrsha. And with words we must take a place on the Council. It is power, and respect and yes, benefit to the city that drives us. Not vanity alone.”
  • (To Mrsha) “It seems to be deadlocked. No, in our favor. It is your [Innkeeper] who tilts the scales. And a truer friend to Gnolls we have yet to find.”
  • (To Lyon) “She is a Gnoll! She is one of us!”

References Edit

  1. Interlude – Krshia
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