Rael Veniford is a noble in Izril.

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  • [Lord] Lv. 13
  • [Warrior] Lv. 4

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  • (To Bevia) “What a pathetic little province. Aunt, are you sure an [Emperor] lives here of all places?”
  • (To the young nobles) “[Long Ears], eh? Well, it can’t hurt Haviet’s looks even if she started looking like a half-Elf. Who knows? It might even be an improvement!”
  • (To Bevia) “Clever or not, he’s made us come all the way here. And he only controls this village, Aunt. This is the least he should do for nobles of Izril.”
  • (To Pattin) “Keep off, Pattin! No one wants your opinion. Damn you and your poor house!”

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