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Raelt Leysars, also known as the King of Duels and the Duelist King, is the King ruling the Realm of Jecrass.


He has light brown hair.[1]


He is a decent and considerate ruler, but not outstanding like some others, in his own mind.

He hates oranges, he despises his court nobility, and he couldn't warm up to horses, or riding, either.[1]


He is unmarried and has no direct children. However, he adopted Jecaina who is related to the royal bloodline through her mother, Raelt's half-sister.[1]


After receiving Flos' declaration of non-aggression, Raelt allowed for it to be made public. This was supposed to punish the river wardens of Jecrass who had not implementing reforms to enhance living standards, and to urge them to do so. On the other hand, Raelt didn't wish to appear as a suppressive ruler who kept Flos' demands a secret.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [King of Challenges] Lv. 30+ (exact level unknown)
    • Derived from [King] Lv. 30

Classes Consolidated to [King of Challenges]:[]

  • [Duelist] Lv. 35


  • [Aura of the Lion]
  • [Double Slash—] (unknown full name)
  • [Evasive Leap]
  • [Fencer’s Lunge]
  • [Flash Step]
    • Derived from [Quick Step]
  • [Flurry Blades]
  • [Royal Arms]
  • [Swift Steps]
  • [Sword Art: Hurricane’s Spiral]
  • [Triple Slash]
  • [Wind Cutter]
  •  ??? - Unknown Skill

Army Skills: []

Skills that apply only to Armies.

  • [Flicker Charge]

(For Leveling History see Here)