Rafaema is one of Manus' Protectors of the Wall.

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Rafaema is a beautiful young drake whose scales are teal, however that is an unfitting description; they shine and flow, akin to water. Her wings, the yellow spines along her neck, all are sculpted. Even compared to a True Oldblood, who shows the full extend of their heritage, she is the radiant sun itself.[1]

Her voice is crisp and loud.

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Despite Luciva being the ruler of Manus, it appears that Rafaema is above her.[1]

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  • Bag of holding

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Luciva) “If they attack us, we attack back. It’s as simple as that, isn’t it? Why are you all debating about it?”
  • (To Luciva) “It’s fairly normal to me. Humans have always been Humans. The Antinium bother me more. They’re new.”
  • (To Luciva) “I just said what I felt. See you, Luciva. Um…sorry about Hedica.”

References Edit

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