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Rags is a Goblin and the Chieftain of the Flooded Waters Tribe.


Rags is small and short, even by Goblin standards. Although Rags is still young, she is considered to be "undeniably attractive" by Goblins.[2]


Rags is an unparalleled genius of her race. She has enough curiosity to first approach and then learn how to play chess from Erin.

Rags has a lot of pride and is very stubborn. She is very tactical and through her race's 'stealing' natural ability, her tribe is boosted in intelligence enough to eventually build a trebuchet only one day after seeing one work.

She considers Erin to be her friend.


Initially, her Flooded Waters Tribe resided in the Floodplains next to Liscor, hence the tribe's name. At that time her tribe was still small, however already mentally and technologically superior to the other goblin tribes. Their weaponry, a mix between a pistol and a slingshot, was originally founded from the remains of a broken crossbow.


Rags was raised by her parents, who were murdered by Relc near the Wandering Inn. Rags was hiding behind the bushes, and because of her distance from the group and her small stature, Relc did not notice that there was one more goblin remaining. When Erin buried the goblin corpses, Rags attempted to attack her, but Erin could knock her off and she could escape.[3]

Later, she was given food for free[4] and learned how to play chess - this lead Rags to eventually view The Wandering Inn as a sort of 'heaven.' Unfortunately, Rags had to realize that she was not safe near the inn because of people like Relc. She still returned to the inn regularly with several goblins as bodyguard.[5]

After the destruction of the old inn, Rags was intimidated by Relc and Ceria who made it clear to her that Liscor's patrols would soon get rid of her tribe. However, Rags' tribe was also boxed in between the Redfang Tribe and the Broken Spear Tribe and not capable to move. After pooling the mental skills of her entire tribe, they invented a new projectile-throwing weapon based on the remains of a broken crossbow found in Skinner's ruins.[6] To acquire more power, Rags scouted Liscor's Dungeon but had to realize it was too dangerous for her tribe. Even worse, the relocated inn had Relc as a patron again, and he threatened Rags to leave yet again. This time she took him even more serious and started her campaign against other goblin tribes of the area to amass the power to break out of the Floodplains valley.[7]

Rags' tribe begun by overwhelming several smaller tribes of the Floodplains, such as the Jawbreaker, Bloody Hand, and Sword Taker tribes. This was enough to grab the attention of the Redfang tribe, who called a summit with the surrounding tribes, assumedly to deal with the upstart. On the way to the meet, the Gold Stone tribe is ambushed by Rags' Flooded Waters tribe, and with realitvely few casualties, they are assimilated into her group.

However, this is revealed to be a trap by Garen Redfang, who attacks the Flooded Waters tribe with a contingent of elite Carn Wolf riders. They carve through Rags' forces before their main army arrives, and she is forced into a costly retreat back towards Liscor. Many goblins are slain or desert her tribe during the retreat, until finally Rags makes a stand in a valley. She utilises her cunning to set traps and ambushes and finally bests Garen Redfang in single combat with the aide of an acid jar, though they both acknowledge that he let her beat him. The Redfang tribe is assimilated into Rags' tribe, and Garen Redfang takes the role of Rags' mentor, despite her aversion to the idea[8].

After being refused entry to the The Wandering Inn due to the presence of Mrsha who had just lost her entire tribe to goblins, Rags is convinced by Garen Redfang to take her tribe north. On her way north she burns Esthelm to the ground, killing all who raised a weapon or resisted, while allowing those who fled to escape without pursuit.[9]

Garen brings Rags to Tremborag's Mountain, where Tremborag proceeds to treat her as unimportant due to her lack of combat strength. Tremborag then plans a raid on a human town, where Rags seeks to prove herself by vastly improving his plan. Rags plan initially goes off well, until Gold Rank adventurers emerge to help defend the town. This takes Rags by surprise, as the area around Liscor had no Gold Ranks while Rags lived there. Tremborag emerges in his muscular form and easily crushes the Gold Ranks and continues to look down on Rags for her weakness.

Rags would later leave Tremborag due to several disagreements with him and his views, including his and his tribes practice of keeping sex slaves from the survivors of his tribes raids. Rags, remembering Erin. Would find this to be the final breaking point.

Leaving with other members of Tremborag’s tribe dissatisfied with his rule or uncomfortable or flat out hostile to his views and practices like Pyrite.

Leaving the Mountain Tribe, Rags and her tribe would journey into the lands of the Unseen Empire. Ruled by Laken Godart, also encountering lady Walchais and her knights, The Order of the Petal.

The first battles between them would lead to several knights being astounded by the Goblins sense of honor and them following the rules of war. Adding doubt to many of their minds about their conflicts with the tribe.

Laken Godart meanwhile would sense the Goblins and confusing them with a prior tribe that had raided and slaughtered those in the lands he had sworn to protect and rule. Would order Wiskeria & Durene to launch an assault on Rags tribe.

Wiskeria the [General] of Lakens forces would use the powers of her craft and [Witch] class to brew deadly chemical poisons and weaponry, using the totems of Laken and his [Emperor] skills. She would launch a massive assault that would leave over a thousand Goblins dead and far more crippled.

Believing this to be a great victory, Wiskeria would order more attacks, not realizing that her targets were in fact Goblin children, wounded, and elderly. Provoking Pyrite and Rags along with the other leaders of the tribe into a rage.

The scenes of the massacres left by Wiskeria’s army would be discovered by Bethal Walchais and her forces. Eerily reminding her of scenes in the Second Antinium War and the Sacrifice of Roses.

Leading her to abandon her attacks on Rags tribe and question Magnolia.

The continuous assaults would force Rags and her tribe to occupy a nearby city, startling Wiskeria who believed she had achieved victory. The subsequent siege would start quickly, as Laken’s forces would launch catapult strikes on the city. Slowly opening up the defenses, but Rags would quickly engineer a makeshift catapult using Goblin [Scouts] and [Tinkerers] leading to a surprise attack that would leave over a hundred dead on Laken’s side. Surprising Wiskeria and Durene.

One of the Petal Knights Sir Kerrig would stay behind with the Goblins. Hoping to see if they truly could be ‘redeemed’. Helping nurse the injured and crippled of the Goblins.

Kerrig would be told by Rags to help broker a cease fire, he would respond that unless he was sure that the Goblins could be trusted to their word, that peace wouldn’t be considered. Rags counters that they could use Truth Stones and [Skills] from [Lawyers] or other classes.

Kerrig would be surprised to know Rags had knowledge of this but would still question her willingness to be peaceful. Quoting her attacks.

Rags would respond that her attacks were often retaliatory or when no other option was present, referring to peace as something that Goblins desired because they were cowards and could only be maintained through both sides holding deadly weapons and the consequences of massive casualties.

Kerrig would see this as intelligent and wished to explain how peace actually worked, noting that while she was right. She was also wrong.

Growing infuriated at Kerrig’s ‘desire for peace’ but his unwillingness to actually commit to it. And the constant use of Wiskeria’s poisons which she learned wouldn’t be tolerated under conventional war doctrine.

Rags would snap, letting Kerrig go to help negotiate an end to the conflict. She would quickly lead a surprise attack force behind. Using knowledge of Laken’s ability to spy on her with his totems. Rags would lead lightning fast assaults across his empire.

Destroying hundreds of villages and population centers as revenge for the attacks on her tribes non-combatants. And using her fear gem to ward off counter assaults and shatter defenses before they could be used. Leading to tens of thousands of civilians and warriors alike being killed in these lightning fast raids.

Rags would seemingly give in to her bloodlust before remembering Erin and calming down. Her assault would be witnessed in horror by Laken, as he would see the mass slaughter with his Totems.

Many being destroyed before he could send advice or use skills to aid the people there. The chaos in the empire’s communication [Skills] would lead to a false order being placed by the Circle of Thorns.

Wiskeria, hearing the orders and the subsequent assault by Durene would become panicked and attempt to withdraw but it would be too late.

Durene would lead her forces into a direct engagement with the Goblins. The battle would ultimately favor her side at the beginning, her armies superior levels and/or classes compared to the Goblins giving her an advantage.

With the cover of the catapult Durene’s [Soldiers] and [Warriors] would move closer and closer to the walls. With skills being deployed to protect like [Tactic-Shield Wall], [Tactic-Rapid Stride], and [Army-Basic Enhanced Armor] being potential skills used.

But this would prove short lived as Goblin [Archers] and [Crossbowmen] along with their catapult would break the lines. And turn the battle into a melee.

Goblin warriors would move around human soldiers with ease thanks to their smaller stature. Skills like [Quick Slash], [Furious Blow], [Savage Cut], [Power Strike], [Stone Strike], [Savaging Axe]. And many other skills both seen and unseen being used by both sides as they savaged each other. But some would stand out.

Durene’s [Paladin] skills and her monster heritage would allow her to kill any Goblin warrior in her way. Pyrite would face her in open combat, his strength not match to hers. He would still emerge with the upper hand and drive his enchanted axe straight into Durene’s chest. Cleaving through her and burning her flesh, stopping her regeneration capabilities for the most part.

With Durene’s apparent death the army would collapse, confusing orders from the sabotaged lines would lead to large portions of the army being killed. With large portions of the army scattered, killed, or wounded. Along with Durene’s apparent death.

Laken, who would be approached by Rags for peace after both sides had bloodied the other. Would order an immediate attack leaving hundreds more dead. Tyrions armies would suddenly appear and drive off Rags tribe. Saving what forces had survived the brutal conflict.

Armed with new found hatred and vengeance, Laken would agree to help Tyrion destroy the Goblin menace. Rags would later reunite with the other Goblin Chieftans and the Goblin Lord Reiss for a short meeting. Before conflict would breakout shortly thereafter.

Leading to Tremborag’s death and the shattering of his tribe. Rags made a speech that resulted in roughly half of the Mountain City tribe joining her instead of Reiss or Garen.

Rags would make it to Liscor pursued by Laken and the human armies planning on using her and Reiss to punch through Liscor and give the humans an opening for unrestricted warfare on Drake Lands. Or at the very least create a miniature hive lands or Goblin threat in the area and provoke Antinium and Goblin raids on Drake Lands.

Rags decided they should simply move past Liscor without attacking, instead of doing what Tyrion wanted and expected. This ran counter to Reiss' plan, which was to capture Liscor and turn it into a Goblin stronghold, secretly with the aid of Az'kerash. Reiss then turned on Rags, attempting to murder her and causing a battle to erupt between their tribes. Reiss would bring most of the newly joined goblins into his army, while the core of the Flooded Waters tribe fled ahead and Rags herself escaped both Reiss and the humans with a few Goblins like Pyrite and Ulvama in the chaos.

Rags would ultimately align her forces with Erin. Leading her tribe along with rebellious Redfangs and the Cave Goblins to fight Reiss.

The massive battle would ultimately conclude with the decimation of all the tribes present especially when Olesm refused to allow Goblin non-combatants into Liscor on a slightly justified fear of a miniature civil war between civilians and Goblins breaking out and his own disregard for Goblin’s as people.

The resulting battle would leave over half of Liscor’s Fourth Company dead. Numerous casualties for Antinium and hordes Liscor’s Guards.

Rags would ultimately lead the survivors on all sides to create Goblinhome. A safe refuge for Goblins.

Her actions would accidentally lead to the massacre of Drake forces in the Bloodfields by Tyrion. While the number is never shown, it’s estimated that with the amount of soldiers present that were heading towards Liscor, anywhere from 30,000-80,000 died .Olesm feeling guilt for his actions, compounded with Relc of all people refusing to attack Numbtongue after he enters Liscor after the siege. Along with guilt at Erin’s refusal to talk to him. Would publish a short praise of the Goblins actions in defending Liscor. Warning him universal criticism from all but Niers who would congratulate him on spotting the facts if delivering them in the worst way possible.

Laken would meanwhile take the surviving Goblins not taken by Rags into his empire in a mass prisoner wagon. Delaying his return by several months leading to him missing the attacks on his empire by Drake assassins and Belavierr.

When he returns, Ryoka would promptly punch him for commuting several war crimes and spreading unnecessary death and destruction. With Laken even admitting himself that his justifications were foolish considering Durene. His entire reason for the mess, would end up living. And that his actions in creating the new Goblinlands was a small attempt at redemption.

Ryoka would offer to beat Laken up should he ever go back into his old ways. Though both laugh it off, the shadow of how many people were killed from Goblins, to Drakes, to Humans due to his actions still hangs heavy on Laken even to the modern day.

Rags meanwhile, comes to terms with her new goal. Having inadvertently caused a the creation of several area’s with more peaceful attitudes towards non-hostile Goblins.

Though Rags would still remain hostile towards both the Unseen Empire and Liscor. Considering that she has plans for an inevitable in her eyes assault should things hit the fan.

Rags would meet Tamaroth, who mistakenly believed that she came to see him. He explained more about Velan's treasure to her, and told her that Goblins are the only species that remember things that all others but ancient Dragons like him have forgotten.[10]

She would also meet with the Ogre clan of Tormek Al and forge an alliance. She used goblin memories to gain knowledge on how to negotiate with them.[11]

Rags orchestrated a successful assault on the city of Tenbault in order to abduct its famous Healer and force her to heal Erin, or at least help in the revival process.

In the process of escaping pursuers, she would make contact with another Great Tribe in the north, the Molten Stone Tribe, and meet their Chieftain Anazurhe and the Archmage Valeterisa who happened to be visiting.

Rags is ultimately last seen regrouping with her tribe after Erin’s revival goes wrong.

In green: Rags' route through central Izril (Artist's rendition)

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Great Chieftain] Lv. 34
    • Derived from [Leader] → [Chieftain]
  • [Steelflame Strategist] Lv. ? (Over 27)
    • Derived from [Tactician] → [Steelflame Tactician]
  • [Mage] Lv. 13
  • [Warrior] Lv. 11

Former Classes:[]

  • [Backstabber] Lv. 2 (probably changed to [Warrior]?)

Classes Consolidated to [Chieftain]:[]

  • [Leader] Lv. 15 (changed to [Chieftain] Lv. 15)[12]
  • [Scavenger] Lv. 9
  • [Tinkerer] Lv. 1


  • [Aura of Command]
  • [Basic Repair]
  • [Battlefield: Power of Fire]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Dual Shot]
  • [Lesser Strength]
  • [Lesser Tinkering]
  • [Flashfire Spellcraft]
  • [Natural Allies: Ogres]
  • [Rapid Retreat]
  • [Sense Heat] (Unknown if she really has it or not)

Tribal Skills:[]

Skills that effect Rag's whole tribe.

  • [Fleet Foot]
  • [Scavenger Armor]
  • [Rapid Reload]


  • [Burning Blades]
  • [Detect Magic][13]
  • [Fast Fireball]
  • [Fire Arrow]
  • [Fireball]
  • [Firefly][13]
  • [Light][14]
  • [Ogre’s Strength]

(For Leveling History see Here)


  • Steel Shortsword
  • Dwarven Crossbow
  • Metal Shield
  • [Terror] Gemstone


  • She was named in Ch 1.24.
  • Similarly to Toren, most non-goblins have a tendency of not noticing her presence.
  • Relc killed her parents.[15]