Raim, or Ser Raim, was one of the best members of the Order of Seasons.

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He was engaged to Dame Fale, who was killed by Belavierr the [Stitch Witch]. For that reason, Raim swore to avenge her and began his long hunt for Belavierr that turned out to be fruitless.[1]

Chronology Edit

He was called back to the Order's headquarters after Jenkil Thert and subsequently Fierre sold information on Belavierr's location to the Order. The Order then prepared a ritual to enable Raim to cross over many thousand miles towards Riverfarm.[1] Raim was accompanied by the five high-level [Witch Hunters] Gaile, Tagil, Faigen, Erashelle and Sylind. All six of them were killed within a day of battling the [Stitch Witch]. Especially bitter for Raim was that he had to resign from the order for his final combat with the [Witch], because the Order of Seasons could not afford to risk its total destruction through Belavierr, as she promised to kill them all should they declare war on her.[2]

Only 19 of the 28 Knights who accompanied the group of [Witch Hunters] but only played a supportive role in that battle, survived. They went back to Terandria dedicated to spread word of Ser Raim's final battle.[3]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Summer Knight] Lv. 40+ [4]

Skills: Edit

  • [Aura of Righteous Fire]
  • [Lifeburning Flames]
  • [My Life, be Thou My Fire]

Equipment: Edit

  • Enchanted Flaming Greatsword

Trivia Edit

  • He was mentioned for the first time in Ch 6.42 E.
  • He is regularly confused for Reim, the capital of Flos' kingdom.[3]

Quotes Edit

  • (To everyone) “The sun is bright today. Glorious. Look—the sun shines!”
  • (To Belavierr) “I offer time. I offer my life! [Lifeburning Flames]! Come, [Witch]! Watch, fate! Let me burn the Stitch Witch until nothing remains!”

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