Ser Raist is a [Summer Knight] of the Order of Seasons.

Appearance Edit

He has dark skin, his armor shows a radiant sigil.

Personality Edit

He is a young and still rash and outspoken [Summer Knight], often still behaving like the typical [Spring Knight].

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

He arrived in Riverfarm through the grand ritual together with 28 other [Knights], led by Ser Raim. Nine Seasonal [Knights] perished, but the rest of them left Riverfarm directly after Belavierr won the fight, since back in Terandria, [Knight Commander] Calirn didn't wish to declare Belavierr an enemy of the Order.

The group of [Knights] then traveled Izril, met the Goblin Slayer and they killed a group of Ogres together.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels Edit

  • [Summer Knight] Lv. ?[1]

Skills Edit

It is unknown if he possesses an Aura Skill like the more experienced Seasonal [Knights].

Equipment Edit

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (To his comrades of the order) “Brothers and sisters, what shall we say upon our return? I cannot think of how I shall look at my comrades. Nor do I feel worthy of the crest I bear.”

References Edit

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