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Rasea Zecrew, also known as Rasea the Shining, is a Drowned Woman merged with an Anglerfish. She is also Revine Zecrew's younger sister. She is the [Pirate Captain] of the Illuminary, and one of the most feared [Pirates] on the seas.


As a half-anglerfish, she has half her left face Human and the right half Angler. The teeth on the side of her Angler face are sharped. Her right eye and part of her shoulder glow with a bright yellow light.[1]


Rasea is rather flamboyant and dramatic. She delights in adventure and drama, which coupled with a tendency to plunge into danger, gives her a reputation of a crazy, reckless [Pirate].

She is a terrible liar.


TBA From Interlude – Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1)


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Pirate Captain] or [Pirate Lady] Lv. ?


  • [Antimagic Blade]
  • [Flash Cut]
  • [Mark Target]
  • [Ship: Armor-piercing Shot]
  • [Ship: Burst of Speed]
  • [Ship: Homing Missiles]
  • [Ship: Phantom’s—] (Name Incomplete)
  • [Ship: Slippery Decks]
  • [The Eternal Wave]


  • Enchanted Glowing Sword. Can vanquish Ghosts.
  • Reloading Crossbows (x2)




  • (To her crew) “Ah. It’s a wonderful day. Battles at sea. The Kraken’s Pass! And treasure. What more could you ask for?”
  • (To her crew) “You let me fight without my hat? What kind of crew are you?”
  • (To Wil) “Well, I’ve teared up at a few stories. And I took to sea rather than maraud about on land. So you could say that. After all—I’m a [Pirate]. What’s more romantic than the sky and open sea, eh? Especially danger. Monsters. Treasure.
  • (To Lasc) “Madness? Aye! Perhaps! But what man or woman who dares the seas isn’t but touched? And there’s something there. Past the end of the world.”
  • (To Wil) “Someday. Aye. One last adventure. But for now? I respect your game, Lord Kallinad. And you’ve a tongue like silver. I see what you want. And I raise you this.”
  • (To Wil) “So? I only put it up because my sister gets prickly if I don’t! I care nothing for nations! For rules! For laws or armies!”
  • (To Wil) “After all, I’m a [Pirate].
  • (To her crew) “Hey, did we just run him over?”
  • (To Ulyse) “I’m hoping he’ll try. What’s life without a challenge? Say—do you think this will make him angry? [Antimagic Blade].”
  • (To Orthenon) “I always wanted to see how good you were, King’s Steward! But I don’t think you brought enough friends.
  • (To her crew) “Alright, lads. Let’s go get the rest of our pay. Then—whoever levels most gets a cask of the finest drink we’ve got! Here’s to pricking the King of Destruction himself! We’d better get our full pay. Or I’ll sail right over to Wistram and burn their isle down!”
  • (To the viewers) “If he can catch the Illuminary, he can object to my face! As for my sister—she can take care of herself! I’m a [Pirate]; my business is loot and glory! And that’s why—I’m saying if there’s any brave soul out there, seek us out! The Illuminary is always looking for new crew!”