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Ratici is a short Drake, a member of the Brotherhood of Serendipitous Meetings, and together with his partner and friend Wilovan, they are known as the Gentlemen Callers.


He is short compered to other Drakes. He wears innocuous, brown clothes, and a floppy cap that helped with his neck-spines.[1]


He has a rougher speech, but as a member of the Brothers, he is polite, well mannered and shows common courtesy, just like the gentleman that he is.

He speaks in a fast philosophical way, due to being afraid that his opinions might not be heard in time or be stomped on. As such while conscious of it, he tended towards fanciful words as a manner of deliberately heightening his speech

He has an odd mix of contradictions, as while he likes ‘free’ stuff, he hates spending too much money on useless things, except for food as it is hardly that and he considered himself an object of paramount value. Too—he hates being seen as stingy. He also hates being seen as lower-class, but he refused to wear anything that looked ‘noble’.[1]


He and his friend Wilovan, were born and raised in Invrisil. There the two would eventually join the Brotherhood of Serendipitous Meetings, and as they became the best of the best, the now known famous duo came to be known as the Gentlemen Callers.[1]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Gentleman Thief] Lv. ?[2] (40+)


  • [Aerial Dodge]
  • ??? - Allows the User to "Grasp" things which should have been untouchable, such as Spells and Illusions.[1]


  • [Appraisal] Blocking Charm[3]


  • He is not well literate as it takes him effort to read.[1]



  • (To Lyonette) “We’re much obliged for the menu, Miss. Might we inquire if there’s any specialties of this establishment which we have heretofore not experienced? Somethin’ a traveller might appreciate.”
  • (To Wilovan) “The Tall Man pays and it seems after this Lady Reinhart business that this is the place to be. We may also practice our work in Invrisil with minimal effort. Think of that, Wilovan.”
  • To Typhenous:
    • “Ah, Typhenous. You wouldn’t happen to be runnin’ off, would you now? We’ve come an awful long way to say hi.”
    • “Don’t be shy. We’re just here to have a nice chat, as it were, without the tit for the tat in this meeting at least. Take a seat. Can we buy you a drink?”
    • “Don’t make us take off our hats, Typhenous. ‘Specially not here, with innocent children about.”
  • (To Wilovan) “I suspect we’ll find out. But insofar as we’ve seen, Wilovan? Who wouldn’t want to know more about an establishment such as this? Let’s try that drink.”
  • (To Wilovan) “Wilovan, that may be the most wounding thing you’ve ever said. It may be that stealing from babies and children is easy, as it were said by my peers, but is it honorable? I’d soon as cut one claw off.”
  • (To Niers) “Young woman. Female. Human. ‘Bout twenty years old. [Innkeeper], Erin Solstice. Yes, sir. Her room. We’ve checked multiple times.”
  • (To Wilovan) “…The inn’s different. I’m seeing multiple holding areas, Wilovan. Either this [Innkeeper]’s leveled up or an [Enchanter] went insane. And someone’s already created multiple stashes.”
  • (Thoughts) Dagger under the floorboards. Dead gods, that Goblin was paranoid.
  • (To Wilovan) “Wilovan, if I were to vouchsafe a theory to you, would you consider it?”
  • To Erin:
    • “We’re criminals, Miss Solstice. Call us a gang—call us [Rogues] if you like. We prefer to be called upstanding sorts—but only by comparison. We were hired to look out for you.”
    • “Damn. Pardon my language, Miss Solstice. Won’t happen again.”
  • (To Erin) “Miss Solstice. May I just say you’re the most interesting [Innkeeper] I’ve ever met?”
  • (To Lyonette) “It seldom is, Miss. Begging your pardon, but all levels play with daggers under the table. The daggers just look different.”
  • (To Wilovan) “I think a man’s fortune is his word, which is his bond, Wilovan.”
  • (To Wilovan) “It’s one of those things where a fellow never has to think ‘well, the grass is greener over there’. He’s always a bit out of place wherever he goes.”
  • (To Furfangs) “Keep up, then. Listen and don’t move until we say so. And—find yourselves some damn hats.


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