The Raverian Fighters are a company of Baleros.

4th Battalion Edit

The 4th Battalion, consisting of the recruiting [Sergeant] Thriss and some other low officers, recruited among others, Geneva Scala as a [Doctor]. The recruiting Battalion had no magical means or Skills (like [Appraisal]) to detect falsehoods, levels, etc; making it a low-effort recruiting mission that mainly aimed at bringing desperately needed fresh bodies to the Raverian Fighters - most of them Humans, but also taking any other race that volunteered.[1]

Members Edit

Geneva, Lim, Fortum and Clara all served in the (mostly Human) 6th Squad, commanded directly by Thriss. Other races were also represented in 4th Batallion, prominently Lizardfolk and Dullahans; but also at least one Minotaur. The 4th Batallion was 600 soldiers strong, which hints at the company itself numbering in the thousands.

Deployments Edit

When Geneva enlisted, the Raverian Fighters were fighting the cities' southeast together with the allied Burning March Company and against a local Centaur tribe who had hired the Magehammer Company to occupy a gold mine that the Burning March considered to be under their own protection.

The gold mine was located in the jungle, which hampered the Centaur's tactics most, but also required a slow, bloody campaign on both sides. The local Centaur tribe concentrated to raid the potion supplies of their enemies, which outraged the Burning March and Raverian Fighters. The latter still remained victorious in the engagement, especially when finally a shipment of intact potions arrived at their camp.

This conflict saw the emergence of Geneva Scala as "The Last Light".[2]

The Raverian Fighters followed the same strategy again soon afterwards, recruiting new troops in the middle of yet another campaign which wasn't going best for them.[3]

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