Rehanna Salesmith was a resident from Windrest.

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  • [Seamstress] Lv. ?

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  • (To Laken) “I won’t kneel to you. I came here to survive, but I won’t bow and scrape under your rule no matter what you offer.”
  • (To Riverfarm’s folk) “You think I’m wrong? She’s[Witch]! You know what they do! How would you ever trust a bloody [Witch]? A witch!
  • (To Wiskeria) “I don’t want to hear it! You let my husband die at Lancrel! Do you remember his name? Do you even know who he was?
  • (To her "Baby") “Yes, little one, go to sleep. Don’t wake or cry or you’ll make your mother weep…
  • (To Wiskeria) “She brought my baby back. He won’t ever leave. He won’t die. She brought him back.

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