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Remendia is a human city, located in Izril.


Map of the Southern part of the Northern Plains Confederation. Remendia is among these southern cities, with Ocre and Albez nearby. Larger Lellisdam is to the north. (Artists rendition)

The closest cities near Remendia that were often mentioned in the stories are Celum, Wales and Ocre, the latter two being noticeably smaller than Remendia. Esthelm is a good part further south.

Remendia is connected to Wales by the Tern Road, which also goes towards Celers a bit more in the north.[1][2] It's thirty miles from Wales to Remendia.[1].

The Ruins of Albez are located a few miles away.[3]

Remendia is located 116 miles away from Liscor[4] and it is north from Celum[5].


Remendia, like it's smaller neighbor Ocre, is ruled by an elected leader.[6]


  • Runnner’s Guild
  • Watch’s Barracks
  • Adventurer’s Guild
  • Nobleman’s Disgrace (Inn)

Remendia has a local branch of the Brotherhood of Serendipitous Meetings.[7]


  • The Players of Celum put on performances in Remendia, before they formed a group that went even further north.[8]
  • "Remendia, like Ocre, has little to distinguish it from other cities. No one’s ever destroyed it. No giants have ever smashed a building in. There’s not even been a widespread mass summoning of horrific monsters from the deep! And that’s the way Remendia likes it. Boring."[9]