The Revalantor of an Antinium Hive fills an important position below the Queen.

Meaning Edit

Revalantor was defined one who had found the purpose of his Hive[1], but the position is also one of appointment.

It is currently only possible to speculate what Revalantor actually means. It is likely that the word is related to the common/english words reveal and revelation (ultimately from Latin revelo); or it may be related to revalue; otherwise it may also be simply a title without deeper meaning.

Appearance Edit

As only two very different Revalantors are known, nothing can be stated about some general appearance. However, compare Appearance of Prognugators.

Duties Edit

Revalantors serve as secondary leaders in a hive below the Queen who usually directs all activities of her workers. There is also the position of the Prognugator, which is a rank below the Revalantor.

However, these two roles are so far not clearly defined against each other; especially because Revalantor Klbkch is currently also the acting Prognugator in Liscor. So, compare Duties of Prognugators.

A main difference is that a Revalantor may disobey the orders directly given to him by the Queen, while a Prognugator may not.[2]

Creating and maintaining a Revalantor is probably as stressful for a Queen as creating a Prognugator is.[3]

Known Revalantors Edit

No Revalantors of other Hives have been shown so far. It is likely that filling such a role is not necessary for a hive at all, as the Free Antinium also didn't have a Revalantor for decades.

Trivia Edit

  • The title's first use[4] wasn't explained until several chapters later.
  • Prognugator Tersk judged Revalantor Pivr as unfit and possibly a failure for both the Prognugator and Revelantor positions.[3]
  • Revalantor is often misspelled, like currently as Revelantor[5] and Revelator[6]

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