Revi is a Stich Woman and a member of Griffon Hunt, a Gold-rank Adventurers team.

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Revi is a dark-haired,[2] light-skinned woman with stitch marks around her hands, neck, and knees, dressed in a long robe.[3]

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She is able to create several phantasms, who each can be considered as a silver-rank adventurer.

Those phantasms or constructs are not to be confused with ghosts or spirits.They bear some of the power of their previous bodies, but they don’t have minds. Revi calls them from the memory of souls past, but they’re not the souls themselves.[3]

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Summoner] Lv. ?[4]

Skills: Edit

Summons: Edit

  • Kelthor (Deceased)
  • Glowing Corusdeer, formed out of red and yellow fire.
  • Two Spectral Warriors

Trivia Edit

  • She is a picky eater and dislikes mushrooms.[5] She also has a sweet tooth.[6]

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Quotes Edit

Volume 2 Edit

  • (To Halrac) “I’m no [Necromancer], as I’ve told you a thousand times Halrac. But I can still use a spirit, especially if its memory of being alive is still strong.”
  • (To Kelthor) “Arise, ancient warrior. Heed the call and return to fight once more.

Volume 5 Edit

  • (To herself) “Amateurs! Sands save me from greenhorns without an idea of how to fight the most basic of monsters!”
  • (To Vuliel Drae) “I heard you only survived because you had help! Don’t count on it a second time, and don’t bother us about collaborating! Getting lucky is not the same as skill!”
  • (To her teammates) “Dead gods, what is it with newbies these days? At least the Horns of Hammerad actually treated us with respect. Hey, Halrac, slow down! Hey! Slow down!

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