Revine, known as the Siren of Tides, or the Siren of Savere, is the Queen of Savere.



She has been shown several times to have a temper.[1]


She is known as one of the [Bandit Queens] that plague the world.[2]

She hates Flos,[3] because he plundered her treasures during his reign. Although other rulers assess his treatment of her realm as only fair, since most often it is Savere who loots and plunders in the waters and territories of other nations.[4]


She represented her kingdom at the Conference of Pomle and maintaned an aggressive stance towards Flos.

During the subsequent war against Tiqr, she as well as her frontline commanders asserted several times that she wished to capture [Beast Empress] Nsiia for her own country.

Powers and Abilities

She has great control over water and the weather,[4] but it hasn't been stated if she is a [Hydromancer].


  • [Bandit Queen] Lv. ?
  • [Mage] Lv. ?



  • [Water Shot]


  • Her sister is another powerful person ready to take vengeance on Flos.[4]
  • She likes her army leaders and commanders to be female,[5] although her command does have the odd male in it.[1]
  • She communicates with her frontline commanders via enchanted conches.[6]


  • (To all the rulers) “I am Revine, Siren of Savere. I have come to speak of the King of Destruction.”
  • (To a Pomle's child) “Yes. And my people demand it of me. Without water, the Drowned Folk wither and die. Without water, all things die. This water is…insufficient. So let more fall.”
  • (To Nsiia) “My ships and my ports offer sanctuary. Moreover, it is my land. My grudge against the King of Destruction is mine to carry, not for others to judge.”


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