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The Revivalists are one of the factions at Wistram Academy.

Background and Policies[]

The Revivalists think that the Academy should throw open it's doors and usher in a new era of magic like in centuries past.[1]

The Revivalist are strongly supporting a clear and outlined system for the new students.[1] They are in favor of waiving the entrance fee for new students.[2] They also want to stop the strong selection process, making it easier to stay at the Academy.[3] However, they are rarely acting, more working in the background.[2]

They dream of an era of magic where Wistram’s mages flow forth into the world. They clash sharply with elitist factions like the Isolationists,[3] and are allied with the Scriptels faction.[4]


The Revivalists have over four hundred members from the old and young, and their species range from Lizardfolk, Humans, Dullahans, even rarer ones like Garuda and Selphids.[2]

Known Members:[]

Formel Members:[]

Known Earthers:[]