Rhir, also known as the Blighted Continent, is a continent filled with dying lands and endless conflict between the local kingdoms. It is known for being the home of the Blighted King, Demons and Antinium.

Overview Edit

There are 3 main places on the continent: the Demon Kingdom, the Blighted Kingdom, and the Origin, a place where new monster species are constantly birthed.[1]

For thousands of years a magical sickness has spreading across the continent, resulting in half of it having been eaten away.[2]

There is a God buried in Rhir. And it is trying to wake up.[3]

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Geography Edit

It is located to the the northeast of Izril[4] and is by far the smallest continent.[5]

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Kingdoms: Edit

Cities: Edit

Villages: Edit

Areas: Edit

  • Blighted Lands
  • Hell
  • Monarch’s Pass
  • Origin

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References Edit

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