Richard Davenport is a human from Earth who was summoned together with 60 others to Innworld by the Blighted King, hoping that they would be able to defeat their eternal enemies, the Demons.

Appearance Edit

Richard has dark skin. He’s wearing a helmet,[2] chainmail, a shield, and sword, but carries it all as if it weighs nothing.[1]

Personality Edit

Richard is a considerate guy.[1]

Background Edit

Richard Davenport is a young man from Texas.[3] Richard learned how to ride when he grew up on a ranch in Mississippi.[1] In the text chat, he stated that he was a Muslim and named Lord of the Rings as his favorite movie.[4]

Chronology Edit

Richard was summoned together with about 60 other Earthers by the Blighted King. After their first deadly encounters with monsters, he kept levelling up and was thrust into the role of a leader of the others, which he fulfilled together with Emily, highest levelled [Mage] of the Earther group.[3]

Richard was part of the chatroom discussion, arranged by [BlackMage], under the username of [America Group], representing the people he was summoned with.[4]

He and Emily became an item. While Emily and Tom couldn't stand each other, Richard kept being at least superficially friendly with Tom.[5]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Knight] Lv. ? (over Lv. 30)[6]
  • [Hero] Lv. 1

Skills: Edit

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (In Chatroom) = I am a Level 26 [Knight]. Others with me are [Assassin], [Pyromancer], [Beast Tamer], [Tactician], [Fist Fighter], etc… and one [Clown].
  • (In Chatroom) = There’s nothing we can do right now. DO NOT ANSWER ANY CALLS. Everyone who said their names, be CAREFUL.
  • (To Tom) “Well, I guess it’s good you’re not coming with us when we’re patrolling. Imagine that going off when we’re sneaking up on a monster.”

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