Rikku Hime is an [Alchemist] living outside one of the neighbor cities of Celum.

Appearance Edit

She had her hair died blue involuntarily when Ryoka met her for the first time.[1]

Personality Edit

Background Edit

She lives in a small cottage outside of a city in northern Izril.

Chronology Edit

After Ryoka renegotiated her deal with Teriarch, she accepted a rush delivery to Rikku, bringing her a heavy, living, potato-shaped seed twice the size of a baby, already sprouting.[1] That request paid Ryoka 21 silver coins at the Runner's guild.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Ryoka didn't wait to hear even a single word from Rikku after her delivery, so Rikku never got a "speaking role".
  • Coincidentally, someone named Rikku Hime is a Patreon supporter of The Wandering Inn and uses a profile picture with blue hair.

References Edit

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