The Ring of Jumping is one of the most powerful artifacts, that once belonged to Thresk. It is currently used by Ksmvr.

Appearance Edit

The ring is practically opaque, as it looks like it is made up of air. It was practically invisible, but for shifting waves in the air. That was to say, it looked a lot like the shimmering that came off of pavement in the heat, only twisted into a band.

The ring will come into focus the more its energies are exhausted. It will slowly stabilize and its true form, believed to be brass band, will emerge.[1]

Background Edit

Enchantments Edit

The ring allows the user to jump up to six times their height without consequence. Weight will affect the spell naturally. It does not use a simple [Featherfall] and [Lightfoot] dual enchantment to do so, but gravity magic.

This ring does not simply allow the user to ‘jump higher’. It allows them to jump higher and maintain the weight of their fall while protecting the user. Thus, if a warrior in plate armor were to jump twenty feet into the air and land, the impact would crush a man in armor with their feet. With it, the user could also grab hold of a team of adventurers and leap to safety, or use it themselves to travel up or off a cliff without fear of falling.

As the ring will come into focus the more its energies are exhausted, the user will be able to calculate if it is becoming drained from usage, although it is doubted that it would be drained from anything other than a powerful impact. And it will recharge within days at most.[1]

References Edit

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