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The Rite of Anastases allows an Antinium Queen to resurrect one of her subjects.


Anastasi is the greek term for Ressurection (of Jesus Christ). The name of the rite is clearly derived from the concept.


It has been stated that the Free Queen rediscovered the process on her own[1], which means that it may not be available for all other Queens. However, the existence of the Rite and the Free Queen's ability to perform it are no secret to the Grand Queen.[2]

  • Klbkch[3]. In his case, the Rite took nearly three weeks to perform, and Klbkch lost 10 levels from among his classes,[4] along with the according skills.[5]
  • Yellow Splatters[6]. In his case, the Rite took several weeks, Yellow Splatters lost several levels which he needed to regain. As one of Pawn's believers, he has seen Antinium Heaven while he was dead.[7]


  • So far, no other species in the innverse has been shown to be able to resurrect one of their members, an ability probably lost with the Dead Gods.
  • Klbkch has considered bringing his Queen to another one so that she might undergo the Rite of Anastases herself. This would probably involve killing her.[8]